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Black Pudding Games
Black Pudding Games Provider Review

With bold and modern graphics on offer, Black Pudding Games slots are a great choice for anyone searching for a software provider that has new twists on popular slot concepts. Though this British-based developer only has three slots to their name at the moment, their existing games are unique and a lot of fun. 

As they grow and make connections in the industry, we believe Black Pudding Games is one to watch. Take a spin on one of their slots today! 

High-End Graphics as Standard

From the moment you enter their website, you can immediately see that Black Pudding Games slot machines are going to be high-quality. Their website is beautifully designed and easily lays out all the information you could want to know about the brand; from a rolling carousel of their games to their mission promise to offer games that “do different”. 

Both their brand name of Black Pudding and the small drips in the site design are indeed very different from anything else offered in the iGaming industry. No matter which of Black Pudding Games slots you try, you can expect it to have some twists to both the gameplay and its appearance.

Free to Play Black Pudding Games Slot Machine Games

Bold Games for a Debut

With just three games on offer from Black Pudding Games, one might expect their first few games to be tentative explorations of some of the best slot genres. However, they have decided to instead put together some unique titles. When you try the online slots from Black Pudding Games, you can be certain that it will be unlike anything you have ever tried.

The first game we tried was the tongue-in-cheek Slice & Dice. This is a macabre Match 3 game perfect for anyone with a dark sense of humor. You will take on the role of a gruesome surgeon attending to players with die-abetes. A patient will be wheeled in and you will cut up to nine dice out of them. Find three of a kind for a win!

This game does need a strong stomach to play but it is a lot of fun. One neat little inclusion is the custom play. This allows you to dictate the order in which the dice are revealed. Black Pudding Games has also included their Super Selector Bonus that will reward you more if you find three matching dice in few picks.

The other Black Pudding Games slot we tried is Bun in the Oven. Though this is a cute and colorful cupcake-themed game, that tongue-in-cheek sense of humor is still there in the form of Pat O’Cake; an Irish chef waiting to put you through your patisserie paces. This is also a Match 3 game where you cook up delightful cupcakes for big prizes.

This slot also features the Super Selector Bonus and the custom reveal patterns. They are a great way to increase the playability of a game and it is fantastic to see Black Pudding include them across multiple games. We can see either of these slots fitting in well at casinos all around the world.

Big Collabs Early On

Despite being a smaller brand, Black Pudding Games has managed to secure a collaboration with 1x2 Gaming, one of the biggest brands in the iGaming world. In addition to their own roster of slot games, they have a massive third-party interface network.

Through this network, online Black Pudding Games slots are just going to get better and better. They will have the support of not just 1x2 Gaming but the other brands under their umbrella. Other collaborations and new ideas for games will be far easier to develop. Black Pudding Games will have the opportunity to draw on talent and skills that they may currently not have access to.

Mobile-Ready Games are a Must

Black Pudding Games understands that in this modern world players want to be able to access their games quickly and easily. All of the Black Pudding Games slots online can be played on mobile devices. Creating a mobile-friendly selection of slots will be key in attracting players and places at the top casinos. Mobile compatibility is a must for all software providers in the digital age, so it is brilliant to see this provider putting it at the forefront of their development.

Black Pudding Games – A Tasty Treat?

Though their games definitely won’t be for everyone, Black Pudding Games bring something amazing to the world of slots. They aren’t afraid to show off a crazy game concept and the mechanics behind the slots are sound. With companies like 1x2 Gaming backing them, we are certain that they will go far.

If you love slightly odd slots that aren’t afraid to be a little different, you need to seek out some Black Pudding Games slots free play today. We cannot wait to see what games they develop next!

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