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Twinoplay Slots

It can be easy to fall into the trap of evaluating an online casino software provider by the number of casinos they supply their platform to. After all, what could be a better measure of success? The better the product, the more operators will be interested, and the more widespread their software will be.

But this isn’t at all the case. In many situations, a provider has a relationship with a very specific ownership group, offering up their games to a small set of sites exclusively. That appears to be the case with Twinoplay, a developer that has been creating games since 2008. Currently, you’ll find their offerings at four sites, all of which appear to be owned by the same group.

The result is a platform that isn’t widely known throughout the industry, even though it is the backbone of this group of casinos. That makes these sites rather unique, which in turn can make them an attractive option if the Twinoplay games are particularly interesting to you.

Scratch and Spin

The Twinoplay collection is essentially made up of two types of games: slots and instant win scratch off titles. In total, there are about 100 games available in their collection, with a smaller subset of these (about 20) available on mobile devices as well.

As usual, we’ll start by taking a look at their slots library. Most of the options that have been created by the company are a bit on the simple side, with both three-reel and five-reel titles available. Graphically, the presentations tend to be distinctive: not up to the level of extreme detail and high definition that we’ve seen from some providers in recent years, but more than serviceable, and often attractive thanks to their stylistic choices and interesting themes.

One title that is particularly noteworthy is Cleopatra. While this is a well-worn theme at this point, this version of an Egyptian-flavored slot features a very cartoonish look and feel, particularly when you take a look at the symbols, which include many smiling animals that seem straight out of an animated children’s movie.

The game is a five-reel, nine-line machine with a pretty standard mix of gameplay features. Players are set with matching thematic symbols across the reels, with most requiring three in a row to earn a prize. There are wilds, scatters, and a free games feature, along with an instant win bonus game. All-in-all, while there’s nothing here that is particularly innovative, it’s a classic package that many slots fans will enjoy.

Back to Fundamentals

If you’re looking for something that’s even more back-to-basics, we’d recommend firing up Fruit Machine sometime. This is a three-reel, single line game that takes slots play back to its roots. You’ll simply be matching various types of fruit – lemons, cherries, plums and so on – along with some sevens in order to collect prizes. You can adjust the number of coins you spend per spin, or the amount of your bet, but other than that, this is a very straightforward “spin and win” machine that is perfect for those who want a no frills gaming experience.

Some of the company’s machines do offer a bit more complexity. For instance, Zombie Apocalypse is a five-reel, 15-line game that has a bit of a different presentation: while it is still cartoonish, it does this in a way that is different than Cloepatra, in that this feels more like a web comic or the popular Plants vs. Zombies video game than a truly childish art style.

Once again, players are tasked with making matches of things like male and female heroes, zombies, eyeballs, trucks, and more. There are also several special symbols scattered across the reels: not only the ever present wilds and scatters, of course, but also two more that trigger special features. A graveyard free spins symbol can earn you up to 30 free plays, while the scatter begins the “Shoot the Zombie” bonus round. Finally, a separate brain icon will get you into the Zombie Attack bonus, where you’ll have to fend off some undead attackers on a second screen.

These are just a few of the many slots available from this group. Other popular titles include Fifty Shades of Love, Aliens Attack, and Pirate’s Slot. But it’s important to note that slots aren’t even the largest part of the Twinoplay collection. This is a company that truly specializes in their scratch card and instant win games, where they offer as much or more variety than any other provider we’ve encountered so far.

In general, you know what to expect from these games when you see them, but this studio has created some rather unique takes on this genre as well. For instance, there’s Blackjack Scratch, a machine that has combined the general gameplay of blackjack with the instant win feel of scratch games. Each ticket you buy can include as many as five blackjack hands, each of which will play against the dealer. Everyone gets two cards, and each time you beat or tie the dealer, you win the prize associated with that hand. Blackjacks win triple, and hitting five blackjacks at once will earn you a special jackpot prize.

Some of these games even look very little like scratch cards, more closely resembling the table games they are based on. For instance, Battle War is essentially a version of Casino War, being played at a table with cards dealt from a deck. You’ll decide how much you want to play for, and one card each are drawn for you and the dealer, with the high card winning. You’d barely notice that this isn’t a standard table game, expect that the amount you win is determined by revealing a prize amount in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Of course, there are more traditional versions of these instant win games as well, along with a few games that offer up something a bit different. In Frog Race, for instance, you’ll be choosing one of four toads that you hope will make it to shore first, with the winner awarding a random prize. Gain, this is essentially a scratch card game, but the different gameplay elements make it feel just a bit more unique and engaging that your typical scratch-and-win action.

Partnership Leads to Big Presence at Four Sites

As we said at the top, you aren’t going to find these Twinoplay games spread all across the Internet. Instead, their products are currently in exactly four casinos, all of which appear to be owned by operator Hermione Ltd., which bases its sites out of Curacao. It’s a relationship that has given this software a prominent place at these relatively high-profile sites, even if you aren’t likely to come across them elsewhere.

While we haven’t seen any awards or other accolades presented to the firm, nor are they a regular participant in high-profile industry trade shows, there are a number of positive aspects to this platform that could certainly make it popular among operators and players alike. For instance, the software supports eight different languages, making these games accessible to a wide variety of players, not just those speaking English.

A Solid Choice, Especially for Scratchers Fans

When we look at the Twinoplay software, we don’t see anything particularly special about their slots selection. There’s a decent amount of variety, and the games are fun enough, but the overall portfolio isn’t particularly outstanding, so it is hard to recommend them over the many developers who have created much more robust slots libraries.

Instead, this is a company that really shines when it comes to their instant win games. Scratch off tickets are a dime a dozen (not literally – they typically cost a bit more than that), but rather than just follow the same mold as everyone else, Twinoplay has created some truly unique designs that push the limits of what these sorts of games offer. Each one feels like a different type of experience, some of which barely feel like a scratch card at all. If you enjoy those sorts of games, but feel as though the regular formula has gotten stale, we’d definitely recommend giving the Twinoplay collection a try.

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