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Tidy Online Slots

Tidy (rebranded to Funta Gaming in late 2020) may not be one of the most well-known developers in the slot industry right now, but they do promise to develop energetic games and business solutions that work. Tidy is present across Asia and have been on the scene since 2018, making them a reasonably new company.

This developer seems to focus on turnkey solutions which allows for third party games to be introduced to the platform. There is a reasonable amount of information on this solution on their site, with this brand of the business being named the ‘tCross Office’.

The Tidy website is quite attractive, despite the lack of information on there. When the site loads, you are transported to a city scape that has been made to look like a casino, with poker chips, well-dressed people and plenty of golden coins.

The main site doesn’t give too much away about the company, but it does give you an impression of what they are about – slots. Read our expert review below to find out all about Tidy’s profile and portfolio.

Free to Play Tidy Slot Machine Games

Themes That Stand Out

On the main website for Tidy, you will be able to find a selection of their games. Visitors can scroll through these five games instead of viewing a list, which is the way many other sites display their portfolio.

Tidy offer HTML5 online slots in their catalogue, which can be used on many online casinos. While a full list of these titles are not supplied on the company’s site, Tidy appear to have some impressive graphics and themes that stand out.

Although they have gone for some of the over-used themes such as the Asian theme and the space-themed slots, there are some other interesting games that spark our attention. This includes the Crazy Lab slot which features a rat and the King Collection slot with a jolly king.

Bonus Feature-Packed Games

There are a few games that you can play for free on the Tidy site without having to head to a casino, which is great for testing them out before committing to real money play. We tried out two of the best-looking slots, which we are going to tell you a bit more about now.

Our eyes were drawn to the King Collection slot, which features many golden coins. The appearance of the free King Collection slot game is eye-catching and colourful, and we have to say we are impressed.

This slot game takes place in a castle with the king and his knight coming along for the ride. There are 3 levels of bets which can be easily adjusted using the paylines. Tidy have gone for some of the classic symbols, including the diamonds and the bar signs, but these are much more attractive than what we usually see.

There are a few bonus features including the King Chance and the Bonus Chance feature, which can offer payouts as much as 15x the bet of level 1.

Another game we were drawn to was the Crazy Lab slot which is in fact crazy, with 768 ways to win. Tidy have clearly tried to go for something different with this slot as even the reels spin in a different way than usual. The graphics on Crazy Lab video slot are bright and neon, just as you would expect from a lab. For the symbols, you’ll find some scientists, rats and equipment, along with some bonus symbols.

We managed to trigger a bonus game, which presented us with an isolation cabinet. This feature was fun and offered a big payout but was also a little confusing, even when you read over the rules featured in the game. Overall, Crazy Lab is fun but possibly a little complicated for new players.

Online and Offline Solutions

Tidy is a reasonably new games developer which means that their slots aren’t in circulation at the most popular online casinos just yet. In the UK, we struggled to find any of their slots available at online casinos, but they do seem to be featured in Asia.

The King Collection video slot is present at SekaBet casino and is available for those living in Germany, which indicates that Tidy are attempting to expand outside of Asia. They also have some previews of slot games that are coming soon on their site, including the video slots Gold Panning and Tai Chi Panda, which suggest that this developer is aiming high.

Tidy might not be present at many online casinos just yet, but they do also offer another product which makes them stand out. Their Duke Series IEGM offers server-based solutions for affiliates in land-based casinos. On their website, you can find out more about these games which operate with a touch-screen monitor and have multi-themed games. They promise that this technology allows for flexibility, suggesting that they are very advanced.

Mobile Gaming That Works

While Tidy might not have a games catalogue that can rival the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt just yet, they are already making the right decisions in terms of mobile gaming. Tidy’s slot games can be played on mobile devices already, which makes them attractive to players as well as online casinos that are considering adding them to their site.

We tried out some of the Tidy games on an iPhone and they worked well, although they weren’t very large on the screen. These games can also be played on Android devices. This made them a little harder to play but it is something which can be solved by playing on an online casino site.

On the Tidy site there is a page entitled ‘Unity App’ under the Tidy Gaming section which hasn’t yet been updated. We are interested to see what this could mean for this developer and their current offerings.

The Future Looks Good

Overall, Tidy is a new developer but one that stands a good chance of making some waves around the world. They only have a few slots in their catalogue right now, but they seem to be creating them at a reasonable pace to compete with some of the best in the industry.

It might take some time for online casinos to catch on and start the conversation about this developer, but they do have potential. Some further information on their site about what they offer, and some press could go a long way in aiding Funta Gaming's future success.

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