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STHLM Gaming
Sthlm Gaming Slot Machines

While the online casino software provider world was once dominated by hulking companies that could provide enough games to power an entire operation, today, smaller, niche providers have become more commonplace. Sthlm Gaming is a studio that definitely fits into that latter category, making only a handful of games that can be integrated into casinos rather than serve as the centerpiece for a major iGaming operation.

Sthlm Gaming has only been around for a couple of years, and in that time, they’ve only made a couple slots. That’s not the kind of record that suggests the company will be headed for superstardom anytime soon. But with steady, sustainable growth and a strategy of providing exciting, high-volatility games that work on a variety of mobile devices, this is a group that appears to have a plan that they can follow to be a successful (if small) slots provider.

Live from Stockholm

Sthlm Gaming was founded in 2016, and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. While the company is very small, they say that they were founded by a group with years of experience creating online slots in competitive markets, giving them an insider’s view into what drives players to come back to games again and again.

One of the key features that they emphasize for their games is what they call “STHMLGAMING Smart All Devices.” This is a fancy way of saying that their slots are designed to be played on any type of device, from a smartphone all the way up through a large computer monitor.

This isn’t exactly the same as the mobile-first approach so many developers take nowadays: rather than think about tablets and phones first, they instead develop for all platforms at once, with their games instantly adapting to the specifics of each device.

Free to Play STHLM Gaming Slot Machine Games

Video Slots

At the time of this writing, there are only two games in the Sthlm Gaming collection. The good news is that these slots feature great graphics, clean interfaces and action-packed gameplay, making them a welcome addition to any online casino.

The first of these titles is Stacks of Riches, which was released back in 2017. This five-reel, 10 payline game is in the mold of so many other casino classics, featuring sevens and fruits on the reels. However, there are a few modern twists, including the ability to win and both directions and a stack duplication feature that can put the same symbols on multiple reels to guarantee wins.

In April 2018, Sthlm Gaming added Van Gogh to their collection. This artistic game features 20 paylines on five reels, and is notable not only for the colorful palette inspired by Van Gogh’s work, but also the Color Splashes that can earn you free spins, multipliers, extra wilds or more high-value symbols.

Little Firm, Big Dreams

While Sthlm Gaming may only have two games in their collection now, they’ve already announced a roadmap for the development of their next few titles, with two more coming this year and four to five more next year.

That kind of planning shows that this company knows exactly where they fit into the online casino industry, and that they aren’t going to try to go beyond their capabilities anytime soon. Right now, their games are primarily available at Unibet and a handful of smaller sites, though these slots should be easy enough to implement at other casinos as well – and with the games available in 21 European languages, they could be a popular addition in a lot of markets.

As with most tiny firms that are content with taking on a supporting role, we don’t expect Sthlm Gaming to become a household name anytime soon. But their first couple of creations are enjoyable titles with attractive graphics and high volatility, making them a good choice for players who love chasing big payouts on every single spin.

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