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Sapphire Gaming
Sapphire Gaming Slots Review

Sometimes a new slots developer comes onto the scene, and they claim to offer something that sounds unique. That always attracts our attention, so we took a closer look at Sapphire Gaming, a new company that promises to shake up the online and mobile optimized slots world.

It’s early days for Sapphire Gaming, and even their company website seems to be under construction. Little is known about who they are, or where they are from, although a bit of research reveals that they base themselves in Chicago, Illinois.

Formed in 2019, Sapphire Gaming still has a minimal portfolio of online and mobile slots to their name. However, by partnering with one of the top gaming platforms, players from around the world are already able to access the slots from this small studio.

Free to Play Sapphire Gaming Slot Machine Games

Slots With a Unique Twist

At the time of writing this Sapphire Gaming slots review, their range comes to the grand total of two. They have scheduled a number of games for release over the coming months, and we plan to bring you the full details of these as and when they arrive.

The available games feature high-end graphics that wouldn’t look out of place on an Xbox or PS4 console. Some of the symbols are incredibly realistic, and we had to look closely to see whether or not certain images were actual photos. Sapphire Gaming highlights the fact that they aim to mix gaming and slots. On the evidence so far, they have certainly succeeded.

Top-quality graphics are one thing, but it’s the gameplay that matters, and here’s where Sapphire Gaming can offer something different in the world of online slots. The Sapphire System allows you to buy or earn sapphires as you play. Once enough have been collected, you can then cash them in for special ‘power-ups.’ These boost the odds of landing a winning spin.

It’s a similar system to that found in some mobile and arcade games, such as Candy Crush, where you use boosters, or Super Mario, which enhances your gameplay as you collect mushrooms. While the concept isn’t totally unique, it’s a real innovation to find it applied to slots games.

Meet Greek Gods and Storm a Castle

The first slot from Sapphire Gaming follows the popular ancient Roman theme. Gods oversee the action in Jupiter’s Choice, a six-reel game filled with images of sacred cows, rings, eagles and vases, all set within the columns of a temple. A wild symbol appears on all but the left reel to help complete combinations for you.

The basic RTP is set at 95.01%, although exchanging sapphires improves this. As well as stunning graphics and a popular theme, Jupiter’s Choice has a selection of innovative bonus features. In any random spin, Jupiter can grant clumped reels, with any two or three reels holding matching symbols, or you could see him remove all the lower-value symbols for the next spin. You could even receive both features at once.

Whenever three reels are locked together, a bonus wheel spins up win multipliers or entry to a free games round. Jupiter also has the power to take you to the main feature.

Anytime Jupiter throws two bolts of lightning, the gameplay becomes electrified by free spins. Whichever path you take to this feature, during the games, at least three reels will be clumped together, and you could still see symbol upgrades at any time.

The Siege takes you to an epic battle, where the aim is to smash through castle walls to claim the treasures within. You earn siege weapons over the four stages, collecting prizes with each successful breach. Each wall gives you multiple chances to boost your winnings.

When you make it through to the treasure rooms at the center of the castle, a guaranteed prize of at least 75x your total stake awaits. Three non-progressive jackpots and cascading rounds are some of the highlights of this unique slot machine. The Siege sets the basic RTP of the game at a very healthy 96%.

Sapphire Gaming aims to launch a slot every couple of months. Hopefully, this busy schedule won’t mean any loss in quality, as the games available so far are outstanding and could be a tough act to follow.

A Rewarding Partnership

How does a small start-up games studio get their range played by a big audience in the shortest possible time? Sapphire Gaming takes the popular route of partnering with a well-established company, in this case, Relax Gaming.

Relax Gaming’s Silver Bullet program sees them collaborate with a wide range of small, medium, and large developers. It integrates games from each company, aggregating them onto the Relax Gaming platform. Online casinos then have access to a wide range of slots and more, from a single source.

The deal works for both sides. Relax Gaming have an expanded portfolio for their client casinos, and Sapphire Gaming won’t need to market their slots to each and every casino, one by one.

Play on Any Device

You will find that Sapphire Gaming slots work on iPhones, iPad, desktop PCs and Windows as well as on Android powered mobiles and tablets. There is built-in mobile optimization with each slot, so they don’t just create a game and then adapt it to work on a smartphone.

Whatever device you use and at whichever casino, you are guaranteed fair results at all times. Independent testing and certification bodies scrutinize Sapphire Gaming slots before release to ensure that each game meets the declared returns over the long term.

A Refreshing Approach to Slots Games

The team at Sapphire Gaming, led by CEO Alex Horley, promote themselves as risk takers and rule breakers. They use smart math models and game mechanics to ensure that players enjoy an experience like no other.

The amazing artistry that goes into each slot will make them stand out at the many sites which use the Relax Gaming platform. In an increasingly saturated market, it’s become more important than ever to deliver games with an instant visual impact. That’s definitely the case with the content we’ve seen so far from Sapphire Gaming.

Fortunately, the gameplay, especially the chance to collect sapphires as you spin the reels, is every bit as good as the appearance. Look out for more from this developer at some of our top-rated online casinos as they increase their foothold in the market.

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