Polo Bingo Review

“It’s play time”, the official tagline for Polo Bingo proudly states. Well, like any avid fan of bingo and casino websites, we’re certainly hoping that’s the case. The homepage would certainly suggest this is the place to be if you fancy yourself as a bit of a pro gamer. Rather than opting for a page littered with information, presented with a somewhat overwhelming design, Polo Bingo’s remit is evidently to keep things slick and, whilst maybe not minimal, certainly anything but cluttered.

The main slider image in the centre of the landing page – that’s the picture that switches on rotation – is better than most, and for several reasons. Firstly, the quality of the imagery used is much higher than many other sites we have come across, and the images actually do change on rotation- many competitors clearly have a slider function, as that’s known, but do not bother uploading more than one image, meaning it’s just a static screen.

To the side of these there’s a very thin menu bar, which has links including Join Now and Promotion. This looks very nice, although if there’s one thing we would say it’s not the most prominent menu bar, meaning it might be possible to actually miss this part, or at least not immediately notice that these options exist. Put simply, then, it’s an incredibly fine line between cool design and impracticalities, although we’d have to judge this one as being the former of the two.

Forget Design, What About Games?

It’s a fair question, and one we’ll skip straight to the answer for. Put simply, along with the small size of menu, the actual information about the games on offer is also a little lacking. Below the slider image there are some small thumbnail images that show a number of games that are on offer, but this is clearly not the only selection that will be in the site itself once you sign up- more just a taster.

In many ways this is again a design error – most people will want to know exactly what they get for making the effort to sign up, and by not including a comprehensive run down of what’s inside, many gamers are unlikely to bother going to the hassle of opening an account before they really understand what’s what.

Below these thumbnails there are some bonus promotions shown, although again there are only two here, which is a small number by any standards. All that said, the small menu bar we mentioned earlier does have some small review results for the site, which are 9.5 rating excellent (it’s not clear where this is from), suggesting that the website itself has been received very well by critics such as ourselves.

Clicking on Bingo

If you click on Bingo on the top menu row- not the small one to the left of the slider image – then things become a little clearer, which is great. Offered by the site are 90-Ball Bingo, 75-Ball Bingo, Guaranteed Bingo, and Bingo Chat Rooms. All pretty self explanatory, this is a much better and more varied selection than we’re often used to seeing, and goes someway towards convincing us – and most likely you – to sign up for an account.

Slots and More

If you click on the Slots option on the top menu row then you will immediately be shown a run down of the slots on offer. We’re big, big fans of slots overall, and the offering here is extensive to say the least, and that’s just in the Online Slots category. There are some great titles included in the choices, and it definitely surpasses the average bingo site. More so, slots aren’t the only ones that you can pick from, either. Click on Online Casino to bring up a relatively limited but nicely varied choice of casino games, including Baccarat, American Roulette, Deal or No Deal, European Roulette, French Roulette, Live Blackjack and Deuces Wild.

Next to these you can click on Instant Wins and – believe it or not – be shown all the instant win games on offer. Again, we’re really fond of instant wins, as they are playable as hell, and, as the name suggests, offer the chance to win, instantly. There aren’t many of these, at all, but the titles that are on offer are really quite impressive.

Massively Mobile

While the majority of bingo websites, like their casino counterparts, have branched out into mobile, few have done it as well as Polo Bingo. If you click on this option in the menu row you’ll immediately be shown how this works- either log onto the standard URL – www.PoloBingo.com – from your mobile device and you’ll automatically access the mobile version of the site, or scan the QR code shown on the desktop site with your mobile and the same principal follows.

The mobile site is fully responsive, rather than an afterthought, and this really makes a huge difference. It’s a great alternative and one that will appeal to a huge number of people given mobile internet access – here in the UK at least – now surpasses desktop. Full marks for this part of the review then.

A Trick up the Sleeve

Polo Bingo offers a total of eight different promotions. Some are aimed at new members, others squarely at established members. The total number is less than some other bingo websites provide for, but certainly nothing you’d call offensive or overly limited. Some of the best, stand out promotions include Treasure Hunt £2,500 jackpot, which is a seasonal promotion (we tested the site during Easter) and presumably will change depending on the time of year.

The welcome offer is also very generous. Whilst many offer 150% or 250% of your first deposit added to your account to start playing, here it’s a whopping 450%, up to £350, which is more than agreeable we’re sure you’ll agree. For those looking to spend a little, and win a lot, there are daily jackpots of up to £250 with just 1p required on your part, which is unbelievable value for money. Meanwhile, once a month there’s also the chance to become a millionaire – i.e. by winning a million – which is again something you don’t see every day.

Polo Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome Bonus£350450%4xClaim Bonus

Polo Bingo Conclusion

As is probably pretty clear by now, we love Polo Bingo. The site itself looks the part – i.e. far from shabby, and the overall offering is really up there with some of the best we’ve seen. OK, so perhaps not in terms of how plentiful some sections are- more casino games would be nice and there are other websites with more than four bingo varieties, nevertheless the games that are there are of a very high standard, really playable titles, and the slots options are great.

Add to this some really enticing deals and promotions, a fantastic mobile offering, and good support for players and the package starts to look complete. What more is there to say, then, other than you’d be best off opening an account here than the vast majority of other casino and bingo websites on the market. Rejoice, then – for once we’re not being largely critical, nor walking away disappointed! Wonders never cease.