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RCT Gaming is an enterprising team of software developers whose languages are Spanish and Portuguese – in addition to all the programming languages they intricately know.

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, RCT know the industry, just as many in the industry know RCT. Over the years, the company has released a number of well-received games including a particularly successful Halloween-themed slot.

Founded in Brazil, RCT first rose to prominence in South America, where its video bingo series in particular proved popular. After consolidating its grip on the Latin American market through the late 90s and early aughts, RCT forayed into stranger pastures in 2013 when it began rolling out its US operations.

Today, RCT’s team span two continents and their games can be played the world over.

Brazilian Tech

Like any successful software house, the code running in the backend is what makes RCT’s games tick. After all, it doesn’t matter how pleasing their slots and video bingo are on the eye and the wallet; casino operators demand more than mere aesthetics.

The company’s hardware technology has enabled land-based casinos to function at their peak, with specialist software linking up all of the machines within each premises and allowing for local jackpots to be paid out.

The company is constantly seeking new ways to innovate by developing solutions that will boost the revenue of their clients and simplify the job of operators. To help it deliver on these aims, RCT has partnered with leading players in the gaming industry.

Premium Platforms

When it comes to hardware, RCT’s cabinets are robust and functional, with a tough fascia that’s designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use. Their flagship MX002 features a 22” double screen, the lower of which operates as a touchscreen. Finished in wood and chrome, it’s equipped with 8 configurable buttons and complemented by a tasteful strip of LEDs that run along the sides and bottom of the unit.

There’s also the sky7, a taller cabinet that’s characterised by a gleaming chrome finish, a similar double screen configuration and 14 high quality buttons across the bottom. Games cabinets, due to their size and functionality, aren’t disposed to being the prettiest of things, but RCT have done an admirable job of making theirs as aesthetically pleasing as possible without compromising on their function.

Strategic Partnerships

Following two decades of supplying their games and cabinets to land-based casinos, RCT made the transition to the web in 2010. That’s when they began offering their software to web-based casinos with the aid of Betmotion.

The Brazilian company’s online operations have proven extremely successful, to the extent where they now employ specialist teams tasked with handling the development of software for various APIs, markets and platforms.

All of the games that RCT release are now optimised for web, mobile and social gaming, the latter proving a popular portal for its video bingo in particular. Whether experiencing one of RCT’s games on iOS or Android, tablet or desktop, smartphone or games cabinet, players can expect the same responsiveness, with touchscreen navigation where applicable and colourful graphics coupled with highly realistic sound effects.

Video Bingo

Most casino games developers are best known for their slots. Thanks to the scope for creativity, slots provide the best opportunity for a company to showcase its talent within a niche that’s less rigid than roulette or blackjack. RCT’s slots are an eclectic looking bunch, but they’re not what the South American firm are best known for. No, RCT Gaming are most famous for their video bingo.

Bingo and lottery games are extremely popular in South America and also in North America amongst the Hispanic community. It’s hard to say what exactly it is about these games that makes them so appealing – possibly the fact that anyone can play them and everyone stands the same chance, no matter how small, of winning the top prize and having their life irrevocably transformed in the process.

Park Bingo is a good example of RCT’s video bingo in action. A cheery looking man holds a fistful of balloons on a string before letting them go and watching as they escape to the skies. This is the backdrop, but the real action takes place on the 4 numbered cards, each of which contains a grid of 15 numbers. 30 balls are then drawn from a total of 90. In all, there are 12 prizes up for grabs plus various bonuses including up to 10 extra balls and a mystery prize.

Hot Bingo follows a similar format, again using 4 cards containing 15 numbers. This time the game, which resembles a traditional bingo card, offers 4 possible prizes and sees 33 balls drawn from a total of 90. There are 2 bonuses to be won and up to 9 additional balls.

South American Slots

RCT’s slots are a diverse bunch, encompassing global themes as well as drawing their inspiration from sights much closer to home. The Brazilian company have coded one 5-reel slot in particular for the benefit of the domestic market.

Rio De Janeiro is stocked with symbols that are synonymous with the party city including Olympic medals, stadia and Christ the Redeemer. There’s some serious money to be made playing the game, which has up to 20 paylines and the ability to stake up to 10 credits per line. With its local interconnected jackpot, Rio De Janeiro is a popular option with land-based casino owners.

Rich & Famous – or Ricos y Famosos as it’s known in the Spanish market where it sees most action – is another 5-reel slot that operates in a similar fashion to Rio De Janeiro. The prize symbols this time are of the opulent and ostentatious variety. We’re talking diamond rings, bars of gold and superyachts.

RCT enjoyed a lot of success with their first Halloween slot and Halloween II continues that tradition. Classic Halloween symbols include pumpkins, evil looking witches and Jason from Friday the 13th. The devil also makes an appearance, as does a bandage-wrapped mummy.

Compared to the top software developers in Canada, the UK and mainland Europe, RCT’s slots look pretty shoddy it must be said. The graphics appear basic and crudely rendered in comparison to the work of the world’s greatest gaming developers. However, there’s more to a video slot than graphics alone and RCT have enjoyed great success with theirs, particularly in South America.

While the company’s ability to create Spanish and Portuguese language slots for the local market will have helped, the gameplay and features of the games must also have been on point for them to have prospered to the degree that they have.

Old School Poker

RCT have only dipped a tentative toe into the world of poker as it stands. Their solitary poker game, Gold Poker, pays out a special prize for three of a kind aces. Visually, the game looks like it was made in the late 90s and inspired by Microsoft’s Spider Solitaire. The aesthetics and all-round design may leave a lot to be desired but the game works just fine and besides, once you’re a few hands in, you’ll care not a jot about the simple graphics and garish table green.

RCT Gaming are a team with many talents, some of which they excel at more than others. Web and land-based casinos that serve the Hispanic markets will be enamoured with the Brazilian firm’s video bingo games and their well-designed cabinets.

European and Asian players might turn their nose up at the slots and poker, but never mind; these games weren’t meant for them anyway. In South America, RCT are doing just fine.

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