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Playlogics Provider Review

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Playlogics has only been operating since 2019 but they have already made some impressive connections. They have already started building relationships with key figures in the industry. This should help them further down the line as they start to expand the selection of Playlogics slots for players.

Though we are yet to see any Playlogics slots demos, the teasers we have been given thus far are a fantastic indicator that the games will be top-quality. Thanks to the backing of larger brands, we can only hope that this brand will be able to deliver some high-end iGaming opportunities.

Beautiful Graphics Across the Board

A good place to start when analysing any brand is with their website. However, Playlogics currently does not have a live website. Their site currently consists of a single Coming Soon page. This gives us some idea about what the Playlogics games might look like as it is beautifully detailed.

Up above, we can see a stylised cartoon desert island. Sinking beneath the waves, we find a wonderful collection of sea creatures. These graphics are crisp and clear. Other sources point towards these being the graphics used in the first of the online slots from Playlogics. The sneak peek we are afforded here give us reason to believe that this game could easily rival some of the best online slots out there at the moment.

Dive Under the Sea

Playlogics currently has one slot confirmed for production, an ocean-themed delight called Turtle Gems. What we know of it so far is that it will be a 5-reel, 3-row slot. It will also have three distinct bonus features that could help lead to some fantastic wins.

Though we currently do not know much about these Playlogics slots games, it is clear that a lot of work is being put into developing them. With the release of Turtle Gems marking an important part of Playlogics’ life as a company, we can expect this game to be a full example of what they can bring to the table as a developer.

There are already so many other developers who are all trying to find a space for themselves at the best online casinos. The quality of the Playlogics slot machines will be a key part of them creating the impact they need to build themselves up as a brand.

An Early Connection With Pariplay

One of the most impressive things Playlogics has achieved thus far is an early collaboration with Pariplay. They are a vast development and platform company who themselves are part of Aspire Global – one of the biggest iGaming brands out there.

Any online Playlogics slots are going to benefit massively from this collaboration as they are able to pull on the fantastic wealth of knowledge and expertise Pariplay has already established. Playlogics has chosen to become a Pariplay Ignite partner. This will give them access to the resources at this company and will help Playlogics develop some top-notch cutting-edge content.

One benefit that Playlogics will instantly get is the chance to push their games to a global audience. The Ignite program has contacts with online casinos all over the world, in places including Sweden, New Jersey, and Portugal to name just a few. This gives Playlogics the unique opportunity to push their product all over the world from the moment of launch, instead of having to build up a small market in their home country before reaching out. This sort of exposure could prove incredibly important as they grow.

A Mobile Compatible Future

Any brand nowadays needs to understand that the majority of their audience will be accessing and playing their games on mobile devices. If the Playlogics slots online are going to succeed with a wide audience, they need to make sure that their games are compatible with such devices.

This is where the expertise from Pariplay can really help them out. Not only are Pariplay capable of making the connections a new brand will need, but they also have key experience in the development of slot games. Together with the industry experience the designers at Playlogics undoubtedly have, they will together be able to create slots that meet the needs of all players.

An Interesting Start

With a brand like Playlogics that keeps things so under wrap, it is important that we wait for their next release. What our experts have seen so far is to be liked. The graphics for their upcoming game look stunning. That partnership with Pariplay should also be able to carry them far. It is clear that Playlogics has everything they need to create a strong and fair library of games.

Our review team cannot wait to find out what sort of slots this company is going to create. Only time will tell what types of slot Playlogics will release next!

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