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Opus Gaming
Opus Gaming Slots

“Our Platform, Your Success” goes the slogan of Opus Gaming, and a mighty fine one it is too. It captures what the software development company do and why they have the tools to help your casino grow.

Naturally, the B2B sector is their target market, but it’s the players who put their games through their paces who are the final arbiters of whether OG’s software passes the litmus test. Live casino games are their speciality, but the Asian gaming firm have a lot more tricks up their sleeve. They’ve got a sportsbook, table games such as Roulette and Sic Bo and a whole bunch of other popular Oriental games with such intriguing names as Fish Prawn Crab.

About Opus Gaming

Hailing from the Far East, OG is an Asian developer that have been producing dynamic and engaging casino games since 2009. Supposedly Asia’s fastest-growing service provider, they’ve gained a real foothold in the Chinese market in particular, and as everyone knows, the Chinese are partial to a spot of gambling.

Opus Gaming have a proven track record within the industry, and in the short time they’ve been active, they’ve succeeded in partnering with some of Southeast Asia’s major movers and shakers.

The company holds a gaming license issued by First Cagayan, which is Asia’s first gaming jurisdiction. It operates from the Philippines and keeps a watchful eye on over 40 gaming operators including Opus.

Opus Gaming Products

The live casino software is OG’s best known product. Live casino games are hugely popular in China, and the firm have tapped into the growing demand for software that can enable players to socialise with real life dealers without having to leave the house.

The company’s software is designed to integrate seamlessly with APIs and allows for real-time video streaming, broadcast in HD. The company’s games are available as multi-table options allowing mates to play blackjack together, or for players on opposing sides of the world to do the same. All of OG’s live casino games are available in a total of 7 languages including a number of Asian languages.

The Opus Sportsbook

“No gaming website is complete without a platform for sports betting,” proclaim Opus Gaming. While this might be a slight exaggeration, they’ve got a point.

It’s becoming increasingly rare to find standalone web-based casinos that don’t have a sportsbook bolted on (or vice-versa). After all, why send your punters elsewhere to get their betting fix when you can supply it to them, boosting your profits in the process?

As Opus point out, the value of the sports betting market is currently worth over $20 billion, a figure that’s only going to grow.

OG’s sportsbook is more than fit for purpose. It’s a comprehensive system that’s designed to handle a wide range of bet types and to cover multiple sports from multiple countries. With live betting, also known as in-play betting, growing in stature, OG have met the demand, devising a robust system that can carry out the thousands of transactions a second that are required in order to facilitate live sports betting.

The range of sports the company covers is extensive, if not echaustiive; over 20 sports are available, including football, basketball and golf. The range of data that OG’s software is designed to crunch is staggering. Player analysis; team analysis; whatever variables you’d like to drill down into and examine, you can do so with the aid of OG’s sports betting software. It’s available in 6 languages, with English the only non-Asian option to be found.

Popular Live Casino Games

The live casino games that Opus offer range from the familiar to the esoteric – from the perspective of Western players at least. These titles won’t be new to experienced Asian gamblers.

While many of the most important casino games in Asia have been successfully imported to the rest of the world and vice-versa, others have remained peculiar to the Asian market. A prime example of this is Fish Prawn Crab, a dice game which enjoys huge popularity in China and Vietnam. A game with a rich history, Fish Prawn Crab is available as part of OG’s live casino package. Players bet according to colour, symbol or number, with each dice featuring carvings of fish, crab and chickens.

Squeeze Baccarat

Baccarat is another casino game that, while popular the world over, is predominantly an Asian staple. The act of card squeezing is something that Asian baccarat players are fond of, with people apt to gather around the table to watch with excitement as the cards are squeezed. How exactly does this work?

Essentially, it’s about players trying to determine the value of the playing card based purely on the pattern printed on it. This may sound like voodoo, but it’s a popular pursuit among Asian baccarat aficionados, and it’s one that they can now experience from the live casino thanks to Opus Gaming’s Squeeze Baccarat.

In practice, the act of trying to read the cards based on pattern alone will have no bearing on the outcome of the game, but this won’t stop players from avidly giving it a go.

Lottery Games

Lottery games such as Keno are also hugely popular in Asia, but then so are most gambling games. In addition to developing virtual Keno, the traditional lottery game, Opus have created 3D Live Lottery.

The company, ever armed with pertinent statistics, notes that over 20% of all lottery players now indulge in the pastime online. To meet that demand, Opus have refined their live lottery system, which provides operators with a viable alternative to the traditional lottery model.

Games are broadcast in HD, with thousands of players logging on to see the balls selected. During the broadcast, there’s a draw performed every 3 minutes, with different payouts according to the betting option involved.

Other Asian Betting Games

One of Opus Gaming’s greatest strengths is their ability to respond nimbly to the demands of the Asian betting market. Games that might be regarded as niche in Europe are allowed to shine amidst OG’s pantheon of casino titles. Dragon Tiger is one such example, its name synonymous with all things Asian.

Essentially a two-card version of Baccarat, the game hails from Cambodia and today can be experienced at OG’s live casinos, with 3D broadcasts enabling everyone to get in on the action.

Opus Gaming also offer 7-Up Baccarat, a title which caters for the Asian demand for multiple variants of Baccarat. In this version, the first card is always a 7. Thereafter, the game follows the rules of regular Baccarat. Why a 7? As anyone with even a cursory knowledge of lucky numbers will tell you, the Asians like their 7s.

Final Thoughts on Opus Gaming

Opus Gaming are an extremely capable software developer, one who’ve aced the live casino market and who continue to dominate across Asia. The company have an innate understanding of what players want and they’ve responded to these demands by creating a suite of live casino games that capture all the excitement of playing at a bricks and mortar casino.

With the addition of a sportsbook that offers a range of betting types, sports, analytics and insights, and a range of lively and feature-rich slots, Opus Gaming are able to offer casino operators the complete software package.

Whatever type of Asian game you’re into, be it Baccarat or Fish Prawn Crab, there’s an Opus game for you.

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