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Monarc Gaming Labs
Monarc Gaming Labs Slot Machines

Monarc Gaming Labs is an online social casino software developer that has created a series of apps that have become popular on mobile devices. More recently, the company has taken steps to distribute their games through more traditional channels as well, which could potentially lead to appearances at real money gaming sites, though it’s unclear when or if that will come to fruition.

With apps that are available through Facebook or on Apple and Android devices, Monarc has found themselves at the head of an often overlooked niche in the iGaming industry. While you can’t win any cash by playing their games, they’ve still taken the same kinds of steps that real money developers do in order to make their games as authentic, exciting, and entertaining as possible for players. In some cases, users even have the opportunity to win prizes, adding a bit more of a gambling dynamic to the proceedings.

Back to the Lab Again

Monarc Gaming Labs was founded in 2014, and is located in Santa Monica, California. The vision at the heart of the company was simple: by attracting a team of elite programmers, developers, artists and engineers who had experience in real money gambling, the firm could produce play money products that rivaled anything else on the market, giving players an authentic casino experience without the risk of losing their shirts in the process.

One of the major focuses of their apps is the development of large communities who can play and interact together through these products. This is done by including plenty of social features in their apps, ensuring that users have the opportunity to share their triumphs with friends and help fellow players by sharing coins or compete against them in tournaments.

One of the more interesting developments in the company’s history occurred in October 2016, when the firm agreed to a partnership with Spin Games. This agreement will see some of Monarc’s slots content distributed through Spin Games’ remote gaming server. That will allow Monarc to get their games out to an even wider audience in the broader iGaming world, as Spin plans to integrate their games into platforms utilized in North America and Europe. Whether this eventually means that some of these titles will become available for real gambling play remains to be seen, but it is certainly a sign of growth for this studio.

Free to Play Monarc Gaming Labs Slot Machine Games

Play-for-Free Slots

Monarc Gaming Labs is perhaps best known for their two apps that deliver a variety of great slot machines to players through the App Store, Google Play, or Facebook. While there’s no real gambling to be found on these platforms, there’s still plenty of action, and these products can be big business, as there are still lots of ways in which companies can monetize these apps in order to generate revenue.

First, there’s Golden Sand Slots, the classic app from this studio. Featuring a wide range of slot machines, with titles such as Lucky Leprechauns, Wolves, and Midnight Jewels, these are feature rich games that can keep users entertained for a long time. You’ll start with a fair number of coins that will let you try out the games on offer, and even if you lose on the machines, you can find more coins through daily and other bonuses that will keep you going. Of course, you can also buy more coins if the flow of free play isn’t quite enough to satisfy you.

Also popular is HANGAME Slots, which includes some of the same titles in a slightly different package. Everything from video slots to more traditional, classic three-reel games are included in this platform, including titles like World of Oz, 88 Panda, and Treasures of Zeus. Once again, the same play-for-free standbys are here, with players getting occasional bursts of coins but also having the option to purchase more if they so desire. Users can also make friends lists that allow them to share coins with each other, while tournaments and VIP areas provide a bit more action for those who want to take their play more seriously.

Hit the Casino Floor

While Monarc has mostly focused on slots, they also have one product that branches out a bit to some of the other parts of the casino. HANGAME Casino offers users the opportunity to play both baccarat and Texas Hold’em in order to test their skills with two of the most popular card games in the world.

While it’s still not quite the same as playing in a real world resort, there’s definitely a true casino atmosphere to these games, which is helped by the addition of large weekly tournaments that give players the chance to win real prizes – not cash, but still a little something for those who can prove their luck and skill. With special promotions, chat features, and plenty of free chips even before you consider paying for some yourself, this is a great way to get some quick casino action without spending a dime.

The Butterfly Effect

Monarc Gaming Labs hasn’t made a huge mark on the iGaming universe just yet. Real money gamblers won’t recognize their games, and even those who enjoy social gambling apps may not have run into them, as they aren’t nearly as big as giants like Zynga. But while they may have had a modest start, we think this is a company that you’ll want to keep an eye on in the years to come. While the studio has experienced steady growth, the partnership with Spin Games could allow them to experience a big boost in the next couple of years.

What exactly that means for you is yet to be seen, as it’s unclear whether this particular group has any interest in jumping into the real money waters. But even if they stick completely to the play-for-free market, this is a firm that has created plenty of quality games, and we expect them to become a larger force in the industry in the future.

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