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Live 5 Gaming
Live 5 Gaming Slot Machines

If you’re looking for the largest and most diverse collection of games on the planet, then Live 5 Gaming isn’t the company for you. In fact, this independent firm that works out the United Kingdom has only a couple of titles currently available for play at online casinos, making them one of the smallest developers we’ve seen in the industry so far.

But that doesn’t mean that this company isn’t worth your time or attention. While they may not have put many titles out there yet, we’ve been impressed by the style and innovation we’ve seen from their little library of games, and they’ve also done a great job of building partnerships that should see them included in most of the top online sites – not to mention more than a view live venues – in the United Kingdom for a long time to come.

Founded by Roy Howell, Live 5 put out their first game in 2015, and have worked to become one of the leading independent developers in the UK in the time since. That hasn’t panned out in terms of numbers just yet, but this Essington-based firm has developed strong connections throughout the industry and has spent their time working on quality rather than quantity, an approach that can be appreciated when you give their machines a try.

Let’s Play Two

At the time of this writing, Live 5 Gaming has only produced two titles that are currently available at online casinos. In fact, until very recently, that number stood at just one game; however, the recent release of a second machine in early 2017 has made them a more noteworthy presence at a number of UK-based sites.

These two titles cover rather different themes, but before we dive into them, it’s worth noting what they have in common. The basic gameplay structure is somewhat similar: both feature what is definitely slot machine gameplay, but with a couple of trails that might be reminiscent of fruit machines to some players in this market. Both feature relatively simple yet stylish cartoonish graphics that lend to bright, colorful and friendly presentations. And most interestingly, both allow players to participate at different levels with different return to player rates, but also give users the chance to move up to higher levels through gameplay rather than forcing players to spend more money to ever access these features.

As for the games themselves, let’s start with the more recent release, Stairway to Heaven. This is a machine that, for the most part, takes part in an angelic setting, with the reels themselves sitting in front of the pearly gates that sit at the entrance to heaven. With angels, blue skies, and puffy clouds, this is undoubtedly a heavenly game.

The action here takes place on a five-reel, 20-payline machine, with players being able to customize how much they bet per line and how many lines they wish to play. This is even more important here than in most games, as this can actually impact your odds: at the lowest, minimum bet, the RTP is just 86%, while if you bet at least £2 per spin, the return increases to just over 95%. The game actually includes the ability for players to get all the way up to Level 9 through some gameplay features, though even the highest bet only starts you at Level 4.

In the base game, the object is to match a variety of symbols, which start with the poker ranks of tens through aces and move up to harps, cherubs, angels, and a 7th Heaven logo. All matches require at least three in a row to win, with longer combinations offering bigger rewards. Wild symbols can also appear, offering you the chance to earn even more wins.

The real excitement, however, is contained within the many special features in this game. If you find a Stairway to Heaven symbol on the final reel, you’ll get a free spin at the next highest level of the game; get to level 5 or higher, and you’ll instead earn a number of Super Spins, where you’ll enjoy a multiplier that begins at 2x and can grow as you play. Meanwhile, a Devil’s Wheel bonus will take you down to hell for a chance to spin and capture even more prizes, potentially even working your way into a Deal or No Deal style game for additional rewards.

The other currently available title is the original Live 5 creation, The Sky’s The Limit. Once again, this is a five-reel, 20-line game, but this one has an airline theme. In fact, even the same four level betting system is present, but this one uses some of the language of the airline business: low-stakes players are in “Economy Class,” while Level 4 players are up in “Business Class.”

Once again, the lower-value wins in this game are relegated to the card game ranks of tens through aces. For bigger wins, you’ll want to match pilots and stewardesses, along with some stamps from popular travel destinations: New York, Dubai, and best of all, Las Vegas. As in the other title, wilds can also be found to substitute in any other winning combination.

Once again, there’s a way to move up levels in game: this time, an upgrade symbol that will earn you a free spin at the next higher level. If you’re already Business Class, one more upgrade will take you to Upper Class, where you’ll enjoy a Mega Game. Here, you’ll earn five free spins where any wilds will stick in place until the end of the feature, potentially resulting in some massively profitable spins. You’ll also want to look out for the In A Spin feature, which can earn you spins on the turbine wheel, where additional rewards are available. A suitcase game also allows you the chance to win a variety of perks, from upgraded multipliers on your next spin to guaranteed wins or immediate entry into bonus rounds.

Given the small size of the collection, it’s also worth noting that there’s another game in the pipeline. Hotels Dot Cash is currently available for order, according to the Live 5 website, but has yet to appear at any online gambling sites. On the other hand, it (along with the other titles in this small portfolio) are offered at a number of live venues throughout the UK.

Working with the Best

Live 5 Gaming has developed their business around a core philosophy made up of three tenets. First, they’ve worked to create innovative games – something that we’ve already discussed above. They also make a point of delivering their products on time for their clients, something that is utmost importance to the companies they work with, but also a factor that plays out behind the scenes – not something players are all that concerned with.

The third key point, however, is the company’s emphasis on developing relationships with potential partners. While the developer is still new and still only exists as a small studio, they’ve already managed to strike up relationships with some of the biggest names in the business. They work with Ladbrokes, Coral, and SkyVegas among other top-tier operators – a rare sign of confidence in such a new and small studio. You’ll also see them working with some of the top online developers and platforms, including names like Scientific Games, OpenBet, and Core Gaming.

We’re also happy to see that this is a company that seems to be interested in growth. They have a robust jobs section on their website, one that shows they are looking to expand their development team. We can only hope that will mean more titles from this team in the years to come.

Easy to Overlook, But Not One to Miss

When a developer has only released two or three titles, it is very easy for even serious and regular casino players to go their whole lives without ever knowing their name. Such will likely be the case for many gamblers in the UK, who may never see Live 5 Gaming’s offerings simply by chance, because they don’t happen to try their games.

But if you’ve read this page, you should understand that we think that would be a major mistake. While the two machines we were able to play do share a lot in common, their structure was definitely outside of the norm for what we’re used to seeing from major developers in the industry today. That alone makes them an interesting entry that would be worth checking out; throw in the fact that the games were truly fun to play, and you have a real winner. There might not be a whole lot to see here, but we highly recommend checking these games out if you can play at one of the UK-based sites these slots appear on.

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