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Imagina Gaming
Imagina Gaming Slots Review

Although most casino games developers have a number of traditional slot machines in their range, it can be hard to find a classic slot that dares to be different. Imagina Gaming works on the principle that classic slots can still offer unique gameplay, graphics, and mechanics.

Imagina Gaming was founded in 2016, with a mission “to offer the most individual gaming experiences on the market". Based in Malta, the business is run by a team with decades of experience between them. The slots from Imagina Gaming are created on their bespoke platform and can be integrated easily into existing casino sites.

Their games are found at land-based, online and now mobile-optimized casinos around much of the world, covering Europe, North and South America, and Australasia. The Malta Gaming Authority licenses Imagina Gaming, so players can take comfort from the fact that the range is fair, reliable, and can be trusted to deliver high returns.

Distinctive Slots From Imagina Gaming

Imagina Gaming slots tend to follow a similar style. A look at the website reveals that virtually all the games use classic fruit symbols across their reels. The quality of the graphics is almost identical, giving the slots a look and feel that will be very familiar to anyone who has played at a traditional bricks and mortar casino.

Imagina Gaming has made a deliberate effort to make their slots in a specific style. They could have gone down the route of crafting 3D-effect games with highly realistic symbols, but have chosen to do things a little differently.

While the symbols and graphics may look traditional, the layout of reels and special features reveal that Imagina Gaming puts a lot of innovation and originality into each slot.

Free to Play Imagina Gaming Slot Machine Games

A Stable Gaming Platform

They use their cutting-edge software package that’s built from the ground up to provide exceptional performance. The Imagina Gaming platform is modular and scalable, which in plain English means that casino operators can add as much of the range or as little as they want, while being able to adapt games to suit their requirements.

Casinos in different countries operate under various local laws, and Imagina Gaming slots can be tailored to fit the rules set by each online gambling jurisdiction.

The platform provides a vast amount of background information. It takes just seconds to summon up player’s behavioural patterns, game performance, average time spent on each slot, and payback details. Useful data such as this helps the casinos to optimize their range, ensuring that they provide the best service to attract and retain customers.

Games are also highly customizable. Casinos can adapt each Imagina Gaming slot to suit their style, adding level-up features that unlock new content, or site-wide progressive jackpots for example.

A Look at the Top Imagina Gaming Slots

If you browse through the Imagina Gaming website, you will see a collection of around ten games. The symbols may be familiar, but the unique gameplay of each slot suggests that the designers, mathematicians, and software experts have worked hard to meet the vision of this company.

Perhaps the best-known game in the range is Reel Bonus. This a classic three-reel, single-payline slot that uses cherries, strawberries, and lemons as the primary symbols. Two gameplay modes are used, with Basic and Top games each having their particular rewards.

During the Basic game, a Hold feature automatically keeps reels in place if a win looks likely on the next spin, while mystery payouts are yours when special symbols criss-cross the reels. Once you have won enough credits on the Basic game reels, a Top game begins. In this feature, there are 27 ways to win.

Maxiliner has an even more unusual twist, with two sets of four reels filling the screen. This slot uses many of the same symbols as Reel Bonus, stacking them four high and giving you up to 32 paylines, depending on the bet size. Boosted payouts are available at the maximum stakes, where prizes of up to 1000x the line bet are possible.

Once again, strawberries, lemons, and cherries feature on the three reels of Random Roller. This slot also has Basic and Top game modes. You want to look out for star symbols, as any three of these crossing the reels will pay out some of the best prizes. If it looks like a winning combination could land in the next spin, Random Roller lets you hold reels in place.

Slots for Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices

Imagina Gaming products are developed in HTML5 to ensure that they work on all platforms. The company is technology-led with some of its founders from backgrounds in IT and computer services. Around 60% of operator revenue now comes from customers playing on Android, iOS or Windows mobile devices, and while the style of Imagina Gaming slots is traditional, you can play them on the latest smartphones and tablets.

Games work on portrait and landscape orientations and dynamically adapt to the screen size. Of course, you can still access the range on a desktop computer, Mac, or laptop, so whatever device you use, Imagina Gaming slots will be compatible with it.

Our Verdict - Responsible Gaming for a Wide Audience

The Imagina Gaming range will suit players who enjoy classically-designed slots with a few extra features to liven up the gameplay. Having said that, the games probably won’t suit everyone, particularly players inclined to play multi-round video slots, but we think that everyone should give them a try. 

High-end graphics, clever maths behind the gameplay, and the guarantee of fair play at all times are among the attractions of Imagina Gaming slots. It’s an impressive start for a young company.

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