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Fuga Gaming
Fuga Gaming Slot Machines

Fuga Gaming Technologies have 20 years of experience in the gambling industry and they have already delivered a successful range of over 70 land-based casino products across the world. You may not have heard of their name before if you are an online slot player, because in truth, they have only recently made the leap from terra firma to the internet.

However, with a solid roster of games under the belt and an ambitious eye on future opportunities, it is not going to be long before you will be able to play many Fuga Gaming slots on your desktop computer or mobile device.

The majority of these games are 5-reel video slots which have some unique themes to reflect the creativity and personality of the company's in-house development team. The graphics are mostly 3D in style and there is plenty of bonus betting action to get stuck into – and that means that there is plenty of entertainment to be had.

Future of Gaming

Fuga Gaming is a British based company which has its head office in London. As a privately owned company, this is by no means the biggest fish in the vast ocean of online gaming providers. That they are definitely swimming in the right direction having secured a few eye-opening partnership deals to boost their business – the most notable of these being a distribution deal with the UMA Premium Group. This software company is a small and dedicated team of creative game developers which has made a name for itself in the Italian gambling market.

The driving ethic behind Fuga Gaming is derived from the motto which makes up the company's name – “future of gaming”. As such, this is a company that has its focus very much on future expansion and prosperity rather than past achievements. However, it is evident that the development team have enjoyed some success in recent years with a land-based games catalogue with more than 70 titles on display.

But, the future is the destination that this company has set its sights on. And to make sure that it is in a good position to compete in an ever-changing marketplace, Fuga gaming has made recent efforts to adapt its games for online and mobile platforms through a partnership with Odobo gaming. That deal was struck up in 2014 and already a few games have started to emerge which are optimised for play online on desktop screens and handheld mobile screens. All things going well, Fuga is aiming to tap into the existing markets of Australia and Europe as well as exploring emerging betting markets. The only way is up.

Tailor Made Service

One of the benefits of this relatively small company is that Fuga Gaming can boast a tailor-made approach when it comes to serving its clients. For example, the company can tweak its land-based games to suit any language or regulation depending on the country that the game is sent to, not to mention the fact that the games can be installed on different hardware specifications. As such, you might find a game from Fuga in a stand-alone jackpot system or as part of a multi-game with either a single, double or vertical screen set-up.

As for their online slot machines, Fuga have bestowed the duty upon Odobo to transform these land-based slot machines into online compatible games in HTML5. And that also means that players will be able to find such slot machines at online casinos which are part of Odobo's own impressive distribution network. These include some big industry names such as Mr Green.

What Games are on Offer?

So far, only two slot machines are available to play via Odobo's website – 3 Elements and Bat Family. Both of these games present some quite standard themes from the adventure and novelty horror genre, meaning that they might not catch players' attention straight away. However, this pair of slots will definitely catch your attention once you start playing them. That is because they both offer interesting 3D graphics as well as feature rich gameplay.

For example, the archaeological adventure that is 3 Elements has a special glowing skull bonus game which rewards one of three different rounds of free spins. Bat Family, on the other hand, is a humorous take on the story of Count Dracula, featuring random multiplying characters, a “pick'em” style bonus game and some good old free spins. Both of these games are perfectly playable on a desktop screen or on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet thanks to some nifty programming from Odobo to incorporate touchscreen controls.

Even though those are the only two games to have made the transition to the online platforms, there are loads more games in the Fuga Gaming Technologies repertoire. The majority of these continue the character based style with a variety of different geographical, historical and novelty settings. So, you can be completely enchanted with Spell Wood, a fairy tale forest game with expanding wilds and special bonus games. Or, you can delve down to the bottom of the ocean where beauty and bonuses abound in Ocean Secret. Alternatively, if you'd rather not get lost in the woods or dive down to the depths of the sea, then you could just go on a spinning night out with Night Club: Spy Girls – a kitschy take on Charlie's Angels with three spy girls who act as expanding wilds.

Those games all feature 3D style graphics and truth be told, it's not the most impressive display of three dimensional gameplay in the trade. In fact, the visuals do seem a bit dated when compared to some other 3D software developers out there like Netent and Betsoft. Still, the action is fairly compelling thanks in the most part to well rounded themes and the fact that there are so many bonus elements in play. As such, it's easy to overlook a dodgy animation or two.

There are also some 2D designed slots available to play, most of which take on more novelty style themes such as Texas Story – an animal-based take on the Wild West genre. And even though these games may appear more basic on the visual front, they still pack plenty of bonus rich gameplay to ensure that players are on the edge of their seats with every spin of the reels.

Pretty much all of these land-based games from Fuga Gaming can be programmed to feature a progressive jackpot, meaning that every spin could result in a huge payout which is amassed over time from every bet that is placed by previous spinners. So, big bettors will be sure to find some adrenaline-fuelled action with such slots. However, retro spinners won't find much of worth in this company's catalogue since there is only one classically designed game – Jokers & Fruits. Even then, this 5-reel fruit machine offers loads of bonus action, not to mention a standard play jackpot which will multiply the value of the line bet by 7,500x.

Moving on up in the Business

Fuga Gaming Technologies is very much a company that is in transition. Having established itself as a key player in the land-based casino market, this distributor of slot machines is slowly but surely making the all-important move to grab a share of the online gaming market. Fortunately, this transition appears to be more of a formality rather than a leap of faith, because the company boasts a very impressive range of games that are thematically sound, visually captivating and full of special features. Read more about them on their company website.

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