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    Altea Gaming Slot Machines

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    Altea Gaming Slot Machines

    Altea Gaming are developers of casino games of all kinds. Based in Belgrade but with staff working across Europe, the firm develops slots, table games, scratch games and bespoke solutions for online casinos. Mobile gaming is a speciality, with Altea Gaming working predominantly in HTML5 to code games that can be played in-browser without the need to download specialist software.

    AG place particularly emphasis on UI/UX: their focus is on creating games that will lure players in, keep them hooked and get them returning for more. In addition to gaming, the company also develops backoffice tools that enable casinos to manage and monitor their site and custom titles that bear the client’s imprint.

    An International Operation

    Altea Gaming is headquartered in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, and is part of the Alteatec Group. This conglomerate of IT companies specialises in casino management systems and games. The company has accrued a wealth of experience, having traded in Eastern Europe, as well as in such gaming strongholds as Malta. In the past decade, Alteatec Group have also made in-roads into the US market.

    For B2B customers interested in partnering with Altea Gaming, there is a contact form provided on the company’s website. Like many software developers, AG don’t seem to have the time to maintain their social channels. Their Facebook page is dormant and their site includes a dead link to a YouTube channel.

    Altea Gaming positions itself as a dynamic and forward-thinking company, one that harnesses the latest technologies and uses them to good effect. The company’s employees comprise a mixture of young and talented upstarts tempered with some more experienced senior members.

    Altea Gaming work closely with their clients to deliver games that suit their needs – no matter how demanding or specific these may be. The company welcomes submissions from enterprising developers who may be interested in joining the Alteatec Group. There are currently vacancies for frontend developers within the company’s Belgrade HQ. It’s also seeking a QA tester and a Java developer, the latter role involving use of CentOS Linux and PostgreSQL, the foundations of the Altea Gaming platform.

    Powerful Backoffice Tools

    AGP Backoffice is the company’s proprietary backoffice software that’s designed to integrate with Paladix Casino Management System. Using an API, AGP can be linked to any number of content management systems.

    Altea Gaming’s backoffice software enables clients to add new games to the platform as and when they become available. They can even incorporate their own games, with Altea Gaming devising a mutually beneficial revenue share deal.

    Because it uses a web-based reporting system, AGP Backoffice can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This enables clients to view reports in real time, with data transformed into helpful graphs and charts that provide an at-a-glance insight into how the casino is performing. Clients can also enable automated email reports, based around variables and timeframes of their choosing. AGP’s user-friendly interface, built using Java, is simple to operate, even for clients with limited technical knowledge.

    All things Mobile

    Altea Gaming’s commitment to mobile is absolute: the company see not only the future of gaming, but also their own future as wrapped up in the mobile devices that are now ubiquitous. AG’s games are designed to be compatible on all devices – desktop, tablet, smartphone – and are optimised to take advantage of the characteristics of each one, be it touchscreen technology or the option to switch between portrait and landscape mode.

    While heavily invested in HTML5, Altea Gaming haven’t given up on Flash. Their games are available in both multimedia formats, giving clients the ability to choose whichever build best suits their needs. When it comes to creating bespoke mobile games, AG promise an extremely short turnaround, allowing clients to bring their branded games to market rapidly. The company promises to be able to create a new game in less than a week – an ambitious vow that few other developers can match.

    Bright, Chirpy Slots

    Altea Gaming’s slots can be found at a great many web-based casinos. They’re typically characterised by bright colours, cheery, cartoon graphics and chirpy sound effects. These are feel-good games that will appeal to a wide segment of the market. Titles in this style include Gone Camping, 3 Amigos and Fruit Stand. The attention-to-detail lavished on every last element of Altea Gaming’s titles gives them a real edge and makes them eminently playable.

    While some slots developers strive to conjure photo-realistic graphics and complex animations, Altea Gaming have favoured a simpler but no less entertaining approach.

    The cartoon worlds conjured by AG are every bit as immersive and detailed. From the cherries and melons of Sparkling Hot to the marine symbols that surface in Crazy Shark, Altea Gaming’s slots are extremely easy on the eye. Their own take on Cleopatra sees the Egyptian queen rendered with vibrant blue hair and a busty dress. The company have also released a number of fruit-based games. While these don’t exactly reinvent the wheel (or rather the reel), they’re extremely playable, with bonus features that display inventiveness and originality.

    Scratch Games

    Scratch games have become extremely popular of late, and Altea Gaming have wasted no time in bringing their own scratch card-based games to market. Games such as Lollipop showcase AG at their inventive best. Scratch games, by their nature, are ultra-simple affairs, but the beautiful graphics, imbued with depth and detail, give the games a vibrancy that’s pretty special.

    For horror fans, Witch’s Night is replete with spooky sounds and ghoulish symbols, while obligatory tropes are ticked off in Pirate Hunters and Egyptian Treasures. The concepts in the games is usually basic – destroy boxes and win money is the object of Warehouse for example – but the execution is what makes them. Other scratch games from AG include Summer Holiday, Golden Wealth and Golden Scratchie.

    Table and Speciality Games

    Altea Gaming have only tentatively dipped a toe into the word of table games at present. The company have released two variants of French Roulette, but this is a sector they’re likely to devote more time to in the near future. As an example of a bespoke game AG have developed, there’s Suleyman’s Temple. This 3-reel slot can work in Flash or HTML5 and features high quality sound effects along with scatter symbols, free spins and all the other elements you would expect of a successful and enjoyable slot.

    Altea Gaming Today

    Today Altea Gaming has established a firm foothold within the gaming industry and looks poised to capitalise in the growing demand for mobile games. While the company will continue to release its own titles and to further enhance its backoffice software, it seems likely that it will devote significant resources to devising tailor-made games for its clients.

    With the ability to design and deliver proprietary games within as little as a week, the attraction from the perspective of casinos is an obvious one. Using AG’s games engine, casinos can release branded games that have the potential to increase their profile and retain players, who are more inclined to try exclusive games that can’t be found at other online casinos.

    The future of gaming looks like being one that’s personalised and customised. Altea Gaming have the tools and the team to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry.

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