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Alps Games are a software developer whose speciality is casino games. Online casinos are the company’s prime market and iGaming is the language they speak.

Their games might be enjoyed by consumers, but their marketing is directed firmly towards the casinos who purchase the licensing rights to use them. With years of experience and an innate understanding of what makes players tick, Alps Games are primely positioned to meet the needs of modern land and web-based casinos seeking to maximise their revenue and increase customer retention.

Making Games the Ag Way

While some gaming companies create their products in a vacuum before releasing them to the public, Alps Games prefer an outward-looking approach. The company creates products in consultation with its clients, incorporating features that they request and liaising closely throughout to ensure that the final product meets and even exceeds expectations. Video slots are arguably what Alps Games do best, and are certainly the domain where most of their experience lies. The company is based in Estonia, but its games can be found in online casinos that are licensed in territories across the globe.

Casinos are constantly on the lookout for slots that offer their customers something new: a reason to keep playing and keep returning for more. New features, more features, more bonuses, better graphics and cooler animations. Alps Games’ creative team are on a mission to match the demand for new slots, while innovating to the best of their ability. From devising new means of displaying wild and scatter symbols to providing double-up options and bold themes, Alps Games aim to keep things fresh and exciting, for the benefit of players and casinos alike.

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Immersive Games You Can Play for Days

Alps Games are well aware that in the realm of gaming, interactivity is everything. If the players can immerse themselves – lose themselves – in the virtual word that has been conjured, the rest will take care of itself. The company’s HTML5 games, which are designed to work on desktop, mobile and tablet, are characterised by a slew of interactive features as well as numerous rewards and incentives. This ethos extends to all of the games the company produces – not just its slots.

Take its sports betting games for instance, which include fantasy football and other games that allow players to wager on the outcome of real world sporting events. Alps Games’ fantasy sports games contain many of the features and tricks that have made their slots so successful.

Sports betting isn’t the only sector that’s showing growth within the online casino industry. Social gaming is also a burgeoning market, fuelled by platforms such as Facebook, with its smartphone-heavy user base. Social games, which can be played directly within third-party platforms, allow casinos to attract new customers, including casual players who otherwise might not have been incentivised into signing up. Once again, all of Alps Games’ experience comes to the fore here, as evidenced by the company’s inclusion of such features as periodic rewards and the ability to invite friends to play.

The Alps+ Series

The Alps+ series showcases some of the company’s finest work to date and includes 5 new video slots. These 9-line games comprise Anubis Secret, Dream of Knight, Lucky Magic, Submarine Adventure and The Big Money Scent. Devised completely from scratch, they encapsulate everything that’s great about Alps Games’ work.

The challenge the firm’s developers set themselves was to create highly entertaining games that could hold their own against slots designed by any of the leading players. A range of innovative features were incorporated, particularly when it came to implementing free spins.

From the medieval maidens and romance of Dream of Knight to the eye-catching Egyptian symbols of Anubis Secret, AG have raised the bar with their Alps+ series.

Slots More Where That Came From

Crazy Squirrel is another game that showcases Alps Games’ ability to innovate. With a 4-level progressive jackpot and a series of amusing animated video clips starring its bushy-tailed protagonist, Crazy Squirrel is a fun-filled riot from start to finish. AG’s ability to think outside the box and create games that are as zany as they are rewarding is manifest in the range of slots they’ve devised for EGM. These include Bust Da Safe, Crazy Vegas, Galaxy Jack and King Fish. Due to the localised nature of these games, the company was obliged to submit extensive modifications to the math, usability and bonus features.

Alps Games’ slots and other derivatives exude a graphical style that is typical of that espoused by Eastern European developers, but that’s not to say it’s just another run-of-the-mill software house. Far from it. The Estonian company has exhibited a real flair for creating games that defy categorisation, whilst still retaining many of the features that will be familiar to slots players.

Robin Hood’s Silver Arrow game is the perfect example. From animating the wild symbols to throwing in a number of unorthodox and exciting features, such as the Disinterested Aid bonus, Alps Games have come up trumps once more, concocting a game that appeals to casual players as well as hardcore slots veterans.

Forex Betting

The Forex market is essentially one big gamble, a cutthroat industry where most people lose big and only a lucky few profit. FX Race marks Alps Games’ foray into Forex betting and is the first game of its kind. Who knew that betting on foreign exchange quotes could be so exciting and potentially rewarding?

With the ability to wager every minute, with a quick profit or loss, FX Race is an ambitious game that’s one part roulette to several parts Forex. Few software houses can match Alps Games when it comes to dreaming up left field games that refuse to be pigeonholed.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming continues to grow in stature and market value, and it’s an industry that’s soaking up an increasing amount of Alps Games’ resources and expertise. The company has released a number of proprietary mobile-specific titles including Frog on Block, inspired by the jumping frog bonus game that first surfaced in its slots.

Other efforts to have recently seen the light of day include Ghost Adventure, in which players can create their own levels and share them with friends. Then there’s Total Galaxy War, a real-time strategy game that allows players to develop their own space force and explore new worlds while exchanging precious resources.

Major Client for Major Clients

Alpine Games has attracted some major clients, including several of the most high profile names in the industry. Aristocrat, Express 888, GnuTrade, Playtech and SmartGames are just a small sample of the clients it’s partnered with in recent years. It’s also worked with a number of leading gaming products vendors including Bally Technologies, Betradar and IGT.

AG understands the needs of operators, particularly when it comes to enhancing gaming performance and releasing slots that have a long life cycle.

Alps Games: the Bottom Line

For sheer versatility and originality, Alps Games deserve all the plaudits they get. The Estonian firm’s slots may not be the slickest on the market in terms of graphics, but their features and gameplay more than atone for this. AG’s ability to devise highly customised solutions to the precise specification of its clients has earned it repeat business and attracted new clients from across the globe.

With its proficiency at devising mobile games and social gaming, Alps Games is the software company that’s a jack of all trades and master of most.

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