Trainwreck Trolls Twitch as It Rolls Out New Ads Incentive Program

  • Trainwreck responded to Twitch’s tweet saying “if you need some help, just ask lil bro”
  • Many people have questioned Twitch’s updated ads incentive program
  • A lot of streamers are now turning to Kick, seeing it as more creator-friendly
Twitch logo on a phone
Trainwreck trolled Twitch via Twitter after the streaming platform launched its updated ads incentive program. [Image:]

Twitch announced the start of its updated advertisement incentive program and popular streamer Trainwreck took the opportunity to troll the streaming platform. The Amazon-owned site revealed some of the main features of the program in a tweet on Monday:

In response to the tweet, Trainwreck said: “if you need some help, just ask lil bro.” Many people on social media have questioned Twitch’s decision to end guaranteed ad incentive offers and replace them with estimated offers. A lot of streamers have also said that running too many ads drives away viewers.

The Kick streaming platform has only been live for a few months, but many streamers see it as a better option than Twitch. Its viewership numbers have been increasing at an impressive rate and it has attracted a lot of top talent. Some of the big-name streamers to move over from Twitch include Xposed, Adin Ross, and Roshtein.

Kick stands out as it allows content creators to keep 95% of subscriber revenue

Streamers on Kick have an ads program that is reportedly competitive with what YouTube and Twitch offer. Kick stands out as it allows content creators to keep 95% of subscriber revenue, compared to just 50% on Twitch.

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