Twitch Won’t Change 50/50 Sub Split Despite Kick Competition

  • Kick offers a 95/5 sub split to streamers while YouTube has a 70/30 split
  • Twitch chief monetization officer claims the platform will be more lucrative overall
  • New monetization tools are currently under development by the Twitch team
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Twitch has no plans to move away from its 50/50 sub split despite growing competition from Kick and YouTube. [Image:]

Despite the growing competition Twitch is now facing from rival site Kick, it does not plan to change its 50/50 split with creators for subscription fees. In contrast, Kick provides a 95/5 split for streamers, while YouTube offers a 70/30 split. This week, Twitch’s chief monetization officer Mike Minton and chief product officer Tom Verrilli provided some insights into why they don’t intent to match these rates.

Twitch is aiming to help streamers earn more money overall

While acknowledging the concerns that streamers have regarding the current split, Minton claims Twitch is aiming to help streamers earn more money overall. This will be achieved by improving existing monetization products, as well as creating new ways for streamers to monetize their content.

Chief product officer Verrilli noted that Twitch needs to do more to direct viewers straight to the content of streamers. He also mentioned a new feature that is currently under development called “Guest Star.” This feature will reportedly make it easier for a streamer to incorporate a guest into their live stream. Verrilli thinks that this feature will be Twitch chat’s “next evolution.”

Stake-backed platform Kick has gained a number of high-profile streamers who have transitioned from Twitch seeking a better sub split and more lenient rules. Gambling streamers Trainwreck, Roshtein, and Xposed have all made the switch.

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