Twitch Gamblers Roshtein, Xposed Transition to New Streaming Platform Kick

  • Roshtein has held two test streams on Kick with thousands tuning in to watch
  • Acknowledging that it is a new platform, Roshtein said Kick has a lot to offer
  • He streamed himself answering questions and playing slots games
  • Xposed has deemed Kick the “final landing spot for all gambling streams”
A number of notable Twitch gamblers, including Roshtein and Xposed, have started streaming on a different platform. [Image:]

A Twitch alternative

It seems Twitch gamblers cast out from their favorite streaming platform have found a new place to call home. Big-name content creators like Roshtein and Xposed have now started streaming slots on a platform called Kick.

some have decided that Kick may be the future

Twitch introduced a ban on streaming online casino content from unregulated gambling sites last month. The most popular gambling streamers have been on the hunt for a viable alternative ever since, and now some have decided that Kick may be the future.

Roshtein, real name Ishmael Schwartz, held two test streams through Kick on Friday and Sunday, announcing the details of both test streams to his fans just hours before going live:

A sometimes controversial figure, Roshtein still has around 1.1 million followers on Twitch – the second-most followed gambling-focused account on the platform behind Trainwreck. Thousands of people visited Kick to watch his content over the weekend, even though the Swedish gambling streamer experienced a few technical issues.

Back up and running

The initial segment of the first stream saw Roshtein chatting with viewers and answering questions. He explained that he had taken time to relax since the Twitch ban came into place. He claimed it was a rare opportunity for him to take a break as he had streamed almost every day in 2022 up until the ban.

Roshtein didn’t take a total break away from gambling over the past few weeks, however. He has been posting some big sports bets on Twitter for FIFA World Cup games. He is also running a World Cup predictions game through his website, with users battling it out for a slice of the $100,000 prize pool.

Commenting on his transition to Kick, Roshtein acknowledged that the platform is new but said he believes it could have an exciting future, noting that it gets daily updates to improve its functionality. He said he hopes it will provide him with a stable platform from which he can entertain his fans.

During his firs two test streams, Roshtein played different slots on Stake and placed bets totaling as much as $1,000. Stake was one of the unregulated casino sites banned by Twitch, along with Roobet, Rollbit, and Duelbits.

Weighing up the options

Roshtein wasn’t the only notable gambling streamer to test out Kick. Canadian streamer Xposed held his own test stream on Monday and ran a $10,000 giveaway relating to the platform. In a tweet, Xposed, who goes by the real name Cody Burnett, labeled Kick: “The final landing spot for all Gambling Streams:”

Slot streamers and their fans will watch closely to see if Kick can drive on and become a viable alternative to Twitch. Some other content creators have moved over to YouTube, while popular gambling streamer Trainwreck is reportedly working on developing his own streaming platform.

Kick has already seen at least one major multimillion-dollar win. A streamer on slot channel ClassyBeef won a staggering $3.7m in a single spin over the weekend.

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