More Streamers Leave Twitch for Trainwreck’s Gambling-Friendly Platform Kick

  • AdinRoss has announced that he will start streaming on Kick
  • He supposedly received threats of a permanent ban from Twitch
  • Trainwreck previously called out Twitch and made the move to Kick
  • Kick is less restricted than Twitch and gives creators a larger revenue cut
Streamer playing on game
AdinRoss is one of many creators who has started streaming on Kick as Twitch gains haters. [Image:]

Making the move

Popular Twitch streamer AdinRoss has announced to his viewers that he plans to start creating content on Kick, the streaming platform backed by Trainwreck.

I just wanna say I was silenced”

He revealed the decision on Sunday after Twitch supposedly threatened him with an indefinite ban from the streaming platform. Commenting on the situation, the popular but controversial content creator stated: “I just wanna say I was silenced, and I’m gonna tell you what I was silenced by and what happened.”

Despite his following of more than 7 million, AdinRoss has already been banned seven times on Twitch, most recently on January 13 this year. Unfortunately for the 22-year-old, if his allegations are true, it seems he may have used up all his chances with the Amazon-owned platform.

Threatened with a ban

At the end of last week, AdinRoss said he received a threatening phone call telling him that his Twitch channel was in danger. “I got a call,” AdinRoss stated, “and [they] basically said, hey man, if you keep doing controversial stuff and you keep saying certain things… We’re gonna have to take you down indefinitely.”

Out of concern for his channel, AdinRoss decided he would start streaming on the more lenient platform Kick, though he said he would “still stream on Twitch” if his viewers wanted.

In his statement, he highlighted that Kick’s Terms of Service are exceptionally lenient, and the platform itself is much freer. AdinRoss says that his content on Kick will include Omegle, watching live sports, movies, and prank phone calls:

Others have left already

Though AdinRoss’s statement has been impactful, he’s not the first big name to move to Kick. A number of gambling streamers have found a new home on Kick as gambling on unregulated casino sites is permitted on the platform, unlike with Twitch.

inconsistent policies, its unfair revenue split, and alleged favoritism

In December 2022, streaming mogul Trainwreck went on Twitter to call out Twitch and announce his move to Kick. He raised countless issues with the platform, including inconsistent policies, its unfair revenue split, and alleged favoritism.

But Trainwreck, real name Tyler Niknam, isn’t not the only one to voice concerns about Twitch. Roshtein and Xposed are among other big names that have since dropped the platform for the Kick due to its lenient policy on gambling streams.

The plus side of Kick

There are a number of reasons why streamers are making the transition to Kick. AdinRoss summed up one of the main reasons when he announced his own move to the platform. “If I wanted to, we could do whatever the f*ck we want,” the streamer claimed enthusiastically.

a fair Terms of Service that would govern ethical gambling

AdinRoss’sc claim is true, for the most part, as Kick’s Terms of Service are much laxer than Twitch. However, in Trainwreck’s TwitLonger post, he stated that the platform would introduce a fair Terms of Service that would govern ethical gambling:

Another benefit of Kick highlighted by popular streamers is how it handles creator revenue cuts. Kick only takes a 5% cut of a streamers earnings through subs, and creators can keep 100% of the tips they receive. This is much more generous than Twitch’s 50-50 split, which has received a lot of criticism from creators such as Trainwreck.

Notably, Kick has also come under fire for a lack of transparency regarding its owner – crypto gambling company Stake. Stake was one of the sites banned by Twitch last October.

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