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Silver Oak Casino

Play casino games from back in the day.

Players from United States accepted

  • Claim up to $10,000 in bonus cash with your first 10 deposits when you sign up.
  • Play old fashioned slots that are hard to find at other online casinos.
  • Withdraw funds by bank transfer and receive them in as little as 3 weeks.
  • Play a small selection of table games and specialty games such as roulette and keno.

Silver Oak Casino Review

Well, well. They don't make them like this any more – and for good reason. Silver Oak Casino is a proper blast from the past, that past being about 10 years ago which in internet time is about a millennium. You ain't seen a casino this dated since you last saw casino this dated which presumably was quite some time ago. Any site whose main claim on its featured homepage image is that there is instant play on desktop available is hopelessly out of date.

There is probably a handful of players out there who still play on desktop and haven’t even heard of the invention of smartphones. Although there is nothing wrong with playing casino games on desktop, there is a lot wrong with playing at sites like this. Silver Oak Casino is hopelessly behind the times. There is so much that is wrong with this site and its games that it is hard to know where to start. Let's try the ridiculously small text that is impossible to read, the bad design, the acres of unclaimed space in the sidebar – and that's just for starters.


About Silver Oak Casino

Silver Oak Casino describes how it is an unparalleled destination for online casino games with an impeccable relation in the online gaming business. This is all rubbish of course and nothing could be further from the truth. Nevertheless, check out its social media pages and you will find that there is a reasonable number of page likes on Facebook. Almost 5,000. Then again, as you scroll down the page you will find that there’s almost zero engagement and the only comments are from people who describe the site as being a rip-off. “Do not play here” warn customers. Apparently this site is a scam of some sort, or at least that is what some customers have claimed.

The Twitter account for the site has just 270 followers and consists of nothing other than a steady feed of Facebook links. It hasn't been updated in over a year and is as shockingly bad as the site itself. You'll be hard pressed to find another casino on the web that is as bad as this one. You need to be over 21 to play here by the way, but you'd also need to be suffering a serious loss of judgement to decide that this a casino is where you would like to spend your free time.

Old-School Banking

You can deposit funds using Visa by telephone if you like and there may be some other ways as well but this really isn't explained. In fact it is possible that Visa is your only means of getting funds into this account, for Silver Oak Casino is largely unintelligible. Despite having an FAQ which is supposed to deal with these matters, you learnt absolutely nothing here. You can cash funds out via bank wire or cash transfer but that seems to be it. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 but it takes 10 business days for your request to be approved and another 7 business days for it to be sent plus delivery time which is an astounding amount of time. This site is so bad it hurts.

Poorly Explained Bonuses

You can supposedly claim up to $10,000 in bonus cash across your first 10 deposits. This starts with a 100% bonus on your first deposit and continues with a similar amount all the way up through your first ten deposits to a maximum of $1,000 each time. There are also promotions for regular members of the site but, these are extremely poorly explained and seemed don't seem remotely interesting or relevant.

Latest Silver Oak Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Welcome Bonus

There are crazy days for example where you can go nuts with a different promo available every day of the week. This means nothing however and Silver Oak tells you nothing. There does seem to be cashback of some sort of available of up to 50%, but you need to be depositing over $1,000 at a time to avail yourself of this offer.

Out of Date Casino Games

You would expect the casino games at Silver Oak Casino to be out of date and you would be absolutely right. The slots look awful and are worth playing purely so you can laugh at how bad they are. These are games that haven't been seen elsewhere on the web in years. Still, if you want to amuse yourself by seeing just how bad slots used to be, by all means hit up Silver Oak Casino and get involved. The table games look equally dreary. The only thing that can be said in their favour is that table games haven't really changed much in terms of how they play. The graphics aren’t great but at least they still play broadly similar to those to be found at more modern casinos.

There’s video poker too including the usual titles that you can find everywhere and there is a small selection of speciality games which for some reason includes European Roulette and American Roulette; you’d think these would be filed under table games. There are only three other games here in the form of Keno, Craps and a game called Treasure Tree. It is all deeply uninspiring. There's actually a selection labelled New Games which also contains just five titles and none of these are remotely new. It would be amazing if Silver Oak Casino has any active players whatsoever. Everything about this site looks bad, and judging by the feedback to be found on social media, the players who have signed try to sign up here have come to regret it.

Silver Oak Shocker

In case the previous one thousand words hasn't made it abundantly clear, Silver Oak Casino is one of the worst online casinos ever designed. It is possible that it wasn't that bad back in the day but in the current year it can't hope to compete with the many other casinos on the web that look infinitely more functional. It is strange to think that this is what used to pass for acceptable web design. In the early days of the web, we put up with this sort of stuff because that was all we knew.

Times have changed however and things have gotten a lot better. There are so many laughably bad things about this site that is hard to pick a favourite. Nevertheless, the customer service section where you get to meet the support team and are greeted by a stock image of cool looking guys and girls is a particular highlight. Amazingly, despite this site being insanely behind the times, there is a Bitcoin logo displayed in the footer.


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