Gambling Streamer Trainwreck Joins Kick, Says Twitch Has ‘Lost Its Grasp on Reality’

  • Trainwreck has now joined Kick as a non-owner advisor and non-exclusive broadcaster
  • In a post, he criticized Twitch for failing to treat streamers fairly through its 50% subscription split
  • He will work with Kick to ensure creators get a 95% split, all of the tips, and other regular income
  • Trainwreck now joins fellow streamers Roshtein and Xposed in transitioning to the new platform
Trainwreck has transitioned to new streaming platform Kick after lambasting his former favored site Twitch for not treating its streamers fairly. [Image: Trainwreckstv Twitch]

Trainwreck joins the party

A recent Twitch ban on unregulated online casino sites has forced its gambling content creators out of the door. Roshtein and Xposed recently announced that they had transitioned to new platform Kick, and they are now joined by a streamer that has even more followers.

Trainwreck, real name Tyler Niknam, announced on Monday that he intends to join Kick as a non-owner advisor and non-exclusive broadcaster. He shared the news through a post on his Twitter in which he firstly noted that he has been a “top five twitch creator in the world for 16.5 months straight.”

help creators succeed where Twitch has failed them”

In the post,the 31-year-old took aim at Twitch, claiming that the Amazon-owned platform has “lost its grasp on reality” and is “going in the wrong direction” by introducing the casino ban. As a result, Trainwreck said he will work with Kick to “help creators succeed where Twitch has failed them.”

Most notably, this will include a 95% split of all subscriber income to content creators.

A fairer share

Ever since Twitch introduced its ban on unregulated casinos such as Stake and Roobet in October, Trainwreck has held no punches in his criticism of the platform. Just after the ban’s announcement he took to Twitter to label Twitch “corrupt” and “inconsistent” for its differing policy towards online casino and sports betting.

The Texan continued along this critical line in his latest rant on Monday, this time taking aim at the platform’s financial policies. He accused Twitch of cutting influencer pay “in places that they have no right to cut,” highlighting that it takes the highest percentage split of any platform for live streaming at 50%. This leaves streamers with only $2.50 for each subscription, he said.

Trainwreck also noted that streamers have asked for a 70/30 split – a request denied by the platform. In contrast, he pointed to other content platforms such as YouTube which already have a 70/30 split in place.

Trainwreck said he will work with Kick to give the creators what he believes they deserve through the use of advertisement income. In addition to the streamer-favorable 95/5 subscriber fee split, Trainwreck said 100% of all tips will go to streamers, while a a creator program will ensure payment for influencers based on the success of their content.

New kid on the block

Despite his promises of a “completely different approach to livestreaming,” Trainwreck has warned that Kick is a new platform and will encounter difficulties to begin with. “There will be bugs and issues, and this isn’t a complete launch,” he said. The Texan has begun running test streams along with his usual Twitch output.

The final landing spot for all Gambling Streams”

Roshtein and Xposed announced their transition to Kick late last month. Thousands of people have visited the new platform to watch their content since their move.

Roshtein, also known as Ishmael Schwartz, said he believes Kick could have an exciting future, noting that the platform gets daily updates to improve its functionality. Meanwhile, Xposed deemed Kick “The final landing spot for all Gambling Streams” in a post to his Twitter page last month.

Niknam, who is typically outspoken regarding his fellow streamers, has previously taken aim at Roshtein and Xposed. Earlier this year, he claimed the pair were not being honest to followers regarding the losses they rack up through gambling.

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