Trainwreck Calls Out ‘Corrupt’ Twitch, Amazon for ‘Inconsistent’ Online Casino Ban

  • Trainwreck has deemed the ban inconsistent given Amazon’s affiliation with sports betting
  • Amazon signed a $13bn deal with the NFL and inked a partnership with DraftKings this month
  • The ban news coincides with revelations about Sliker’s gambling addiction on social media
  • Trainwreck believes Twitch should focus on getting rid of streamers who “sell a false reality”
Trainwreck has taken aim at Twitch for its decision to ban unregulated online casino content from the platform. [Image: Trainwreckstv Twitch]

Trainwreck makes his case

One of Twitch’s most popular gambling streamers has just called out the platform for its upcoming ban on online casino content, deeming the move inconsistent and corrupt.

a scathing rant

This week, Twitch announced plans to ban all streams related to unregulated online casinos by October 18, including prevalent streamer partner Stake. Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Trainwreck published a scathing rant about the inconsistency of the upcoming ban when compared to Twitch’s stance on sports betting:

The “$13bn NFL deal cookie jar” Niknam alludes to is the partnership signed between Twitch owner Amazon and the NFL. The deal gives Amazon exclusive rights to broadcast Thursday Night Football (TNF) over the next 11 years. Notably, DraftKings inked a multiyear partnership with Amazon to serve as exclusive odds provider for TNF broadcasts earlier this month.

A controversial issue

Twitch’s decision to ban unregulated online casino gambling comes after a string of controversies. Perhaps putting the nail in the coffin, the segment returned to the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this week due to revelations about the gambling addiction of UK-based streamer Jehad “Sliker” Mohammed. He confessed to taking $300,000 from fellow streamers and fans to feed his addiction.

#TwitchStopGambling began trending on social media

After other streamers confronted Sliker via Discord, the hashtag #TwitchStopGambling began trending on social media, backed by a number of famous Twitch names including Hasan Piker and Pokimane. Demonstrating the support for a ban, the latter’s tweet asking followers to provide a “like if twitch should ban gambling” received a total of 318.1k likes.

For Trainwreck, however, the matter is not that simple. On Twitter, he was quick to point out that Mohammed was actually addicted to sports betting rather than iGaming, and he criticized those who blamed the online casino segment rather than Sliker himself:

The wrong focus

Niknam has argued that by continuing its sports betting affiliation but prohibiting Twitch streamers from making online casino deals, Amazon has demonstrated its corruption. “Banning other forms of gambling while keeping the most prevalent form of it that gets them paid is a f*cking joke and a mistake,” he concluded.

focus on getting rid of streamers who “sell a false reality”

Despite hoping to shine a light on the hypocrisy of Twitch’s stance, Niknam was quick to note that he doesn’t advocate for a ban on sports betting streams. Rather, he wants Twitch to allow both iGaming and betting content while focusing on getting rid of streamers who “sell a false reality:”

In the past, the Arizonian streamer has called out peers he suspected of misleading followers. In February for example, he took aim at Roshtein and other gambling streamers for allegedly lying about their losses, urging them to employ the same transparency he does regarding the realities of gambling.

VegasSlotsOnline News has reached out to Trainwreck for comment on the online casino ban.

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