Drake Wins $1m UFC Bet After Lengthy Losing Streak

  • The rap star won a $1m bet on middleweight champion Israel Adesanya
  • He has previously lost big bets on UFC stars like Jorge Masvidal and Justin Gaethje
  • Footage of a video call between Drake and Adesanya before the fight went viral
  • Drake has placed many high-stakes wagers, including football and basketball bets
Drake at an award show
Drake has won a $1m wager after betting on UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya to win his fight on Saturday. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Breaking his duck

Rap star Drake has managed to turn his luck around through a $1m bet on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Israel Adesanya to beat Jared Cannonier. The winning wager breaks a losing streak for Drake after an easy unanimous decision victory for the Nigerian-born star. 

a reported net worth of more than $250m

Boasting a reported net worth of more than $250m, the 35-year-old rapper has recently developed a reputation for making large wagers. He placed bets on the underdogs in recent UFC fights but decided to go with a $1m wager on the strong favorite this time around. 

Some of his previous losing bets include a $550,000 wager on Justin Gaethje and $275,000 on Jorge Masvidal.

An easy win

In the run-up to the fight on Saturday night, Drake spoke to Adesanya via video call, labeling the stake “a light million.” The UFC star uploaded footage of the conversation to YouTube:

Adesanya seemingly did not feel any pressure during his impressive performance in Las Vegas on Saturday. The 32-year-old fighter has dominated his weight division for a number of years now and has only lost once during his UFC career.

UFC has embraced the expanding US betting space through a major partnership with DraftKings.

Track record of big bets

Drake has increased his involvement in the gambling space this year, most notably through his partnership with the cryptocurrency online betting website Stake.  

$1.25m worth of bets on the Super Bowl

As a result, Drake has publicly placed wagers on many of the biggest sporting events so far this year including $1.25m worth of bets on the Super Bowl. He also won a cool $1m following a $200,000 wager earlier in the year after backing the Golden State Warriors to reach the NBA Finals.

In addition, the music legend has taken part in live Stake-sponsored giveaway events, including one through which he gave away $1m in Bitcoin.

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