Drake Gives Away $1m in Bitcoin During Stake-Sponsored Live Stream

  • Drake won $18m but ended the night down $20m
  • A worldwide audience won prizes of up to $75,000 each
  • Stake.com has now partnered with Drake, Sergio Aguero, Watford FC, and the UFC
  • Drake will return in future Stake-sponsored streams
Drake gave away $1m in Bitcoin during a gambling stream with betting site Stake.com. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Drake steals the headlines again

Rap superstar and Canadian businessman Drake handed out $1m in Bitcoin to his audience during a sponsored live stream with Stake.com.

Stake recently partnered with Drake after he had spent time frequenting their gambling site. The “October’s Very Own” label founder has been a huge player in the betting market, winning and losing prizes big enough to settle many people’s retirement funds.

Although Drake did win $18m on a roulette wheel with his lucky number 11, he ended the night down $20m, nearly 8% of his $250m net worth.

Partnering with Stake

Drake joined forces with Stake last month after previously appearing in a sponsored stream with the operator. The 35-year-old is no stranger to risking hefty sums, having gambled on online poker, March Madness, UFC, the NBA Finals, Formula 1, and everything else in between. 

prizes maxed out at a US-dollar equivalent of $75,000

The “Started from the Bottom” performer gave away 35 Bitcoins during the stream, his first since partnering with Stake. Prizes maxed out at a US-dollar equivalent of $75,000 with winners coming from all over the world.

Drake ended the night on a positive note when he won $1m via a futures bet on the Golden State Warriors to make the NBA Finals, which they accomplished by defeating the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals, four games to one, on Thursday.

Continuing to ascend in the market

Stake has found a home as a premier gaming operator specializing in digital currency.

The gaming provider has been increasing in popularity in recent years, partnering with Premier League and since-relegated club Watford FC, reaching a deal with retired soccer player Sergio Aguero, and sponsoring the UFC. Its newest work with Drake stole headlines when he won $2.6m on a parlay in one of his many massive wagers.

Another of the rapper’s recent plunges was a misguided $260,000 wager on Charles Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix. 

Stake revealed that Drake will host more live stream events, during which more digital currencies will be given away.

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