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Cleebo Casino

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Players from United States not accepted

  • Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat games broadcast live from Las Vegas rooms.
  • Glamourous croupiers await to deal you a hand on a site that gives a bio on them.
  • Uses a range of popular social media networks to reach out and interact with players.
  • Customer support team that is accessible via email as well as a detailed FAQ page.

Cleebo Casino Review

Cleebo is not like other online casinos. This platform was launched in June 2017 solely with the purpose of providing popular and engaging live casino titles. Those who are a fan of these games and these formats of playing the games will be delighted with what this platform offers. However, don’t expect to see slot titles featuring or virtual formats of these classics as those that will expect this will be disappointed. This platform has decided to ignore them and just concentrate on live casino.

To further prove that the site prefers to do things their own way is by the fact that they don’t offer much information about how members can deposit money. In fact, the site proudly claims that visitors to the Cleebo casino can instead play the games for free. It all seems a bit odd and quirky and that can be a good or bad thing, depending on what players want from a casino.

Hard to Find Info

To go along with the lack of banking information that Cleebo reveals, the designers of the website have decided to make it really difficult for members to learn about what company they are owned by and who licenses them. In fact, players will have to head to the lengthy terms and conditions page and scroll down the site until they come across information about the licensing – which is not easy to do by the way.


The site is, in fact, licensed by the Provider of British Columbia in Canada. In truth, especially for online casino enthusiasts that are based in Europe and like to play on sites licensed in Europe, this regulator is not known to players. This is not something that players would want to hear when considering registering on the Cleebo site, because it is a little bit like going into the unknown. In addition to this, the fact they don’t advertise this anywhere on their main site and hide it in the T&Cs page suggests they don’t have to do a lot to comply with the regulations. Either way, it’s something that players will need to take extra care of when playing on the site.

Human Touch

With the site making such a strong emphasis on live casino, that personal and human touch comes naturally to the site – something that is often missing when playing on virtual games and slots. To make this online casino as personal as they can make it, they created a small bio on each of the different live dealers that players might come across on site.

This is a superb inclusion, as it allows members to get to know who is handing the cards over to them and enjoy friendly conversation with. It also proves that they do offer a human touch that virtual games simply can’t come close to offering and is therefore a feature worth checking out, you might find a favourite dealer or two.

Only Live Games

As we have mentioned quite often already, the games that are available to play on the Cleebo platform all seem to be live casino. It’s fantastic news for the growing number of players who enjoy this format of games, however, it seems a bit strange that they have done this at the expense of all other online casino titles.

Most other, and successful, online casino websites have live casino titles as well as slots and virtual table games for its members to enjoy, and it does seem strange that Cleebo have decided against including this to keep everyone happy. However, it’s what they’ve decided, even if it will put off a large number of players. So it’s only worth signing up to this platform if players are huge fans of live casino and specifically the titles that are available to play on Cleebo – otherwise it might not be worth it.

It’s not only on the website where players can access and enjoy the glamourous live casino games, as the social media platforms are also a gateway for members to access them. Popular pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are some of the ways that players can head straight to the casino rooms. It certainly is a good way of doing things, cutting out the middle man and allowing players to go straight from seeing what their friends are up to playing popular live casino titles.

Despite this, their accounts at the moment of writing don’t seem to be reaching out to players, with very few people liking them or giving them a follow. This is a shame but something that might be due to the fact them not being around for long. Either way, the site can utilise this feature well, it’s not a bad way to play live casino.

No Deals to Claim

Further bad news for players considering registering with the site arises by the fact there are no offers for members to enjoy. This is terrible as players would appreciate an incentive to register with the site, such as a welcome bonus, but with the platform not offering this – potential members might be put off. Add to the mix that there is no rewards program for players to reap the benefits of and the bad news compounds itself. It’s more reason to ignore registering with the Cleebo site.  

Banking, like the licenses that Cleebo operates under, is extremely hard to find any information about it. Players will notice that there are no information about what deposit and withdrawal options members can use, and what rules apply seem to be missing as well. Overall, it comes across amateurish.

In terms of support that players are offered, members can fill out a form which will automatically contact the agents that help make sure players have a stress-free time on Cleebo. There is also an FAQ section for those that would rather answer their own queries.

Not Worth Registering

Overall, it’s easy to see by the tone of this email that we do not recommend players registering with the Cleebo online casino. Members can enjoy live casino games and features that help make the experience extra special. However, no other games, offers and information about banking suggest it won’t be a fun place to play. There are definitely better places elsewhere.


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