Armed Gang Steals $400,000 in Gambling Machine Cash, Latest in Pennsylvania Crime Spree

  • Gang held up a collections van containing cash from video gambling machines
  • One robber knocked out the security guard, while another grabbed cash boxes
  • It is the second gambling-related crime in a week in PA after a FanDuel robbery
Person with gun
Armed robbers got away with $400,000 in the second gambling-related heist in a week in Pennsylvania. [Image:]

In yet another instance of gambling-related crime in Pennsylvania, an armed gang got away with $400,000 in broad daylight after holding up a van containing cash from gambling machine wins. reported the heist took place at 12.30pm on Monday outside a mall in the city of Chambersburg.

Pennsylvania State Police said four suspects held up an unmarked collection van containing “cash boxes from video gambling machines for a company named PA Amusements.” The vehicle had stopped at Southgate Mall to pick up a cash box inside Spot Laundromat after its crew had collected cash boxes from Chambersburg locations, plus others in the city of Waynesboro and the township of Greencastle.

the four suspects hightailed it in their own van across multiple roads in Franklin County

Police stated one robber attacked the van’s security guard, knocking him out with a blow to the head before taking his firearm. Another robber, meanwhile, climbed into the van and removed “seven money cases containing money bins.” Then, the four suspects hightailed it in their own van across multiple roads in Franklin County.

While state police later found eight cash boxes and four other money bins abandoned, they were unsure if the getaway vehicle had gone into Cumberland or Adams counties, or even into Maryland.

The gambling-related armed robbery is the second in a week in Pennsylvania after gunmen held up the FanDuel Sportsbook at Valley Forge Casino. Unlike the collection van gang, these robbers only got away with $120.

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