Gambling Streamer Xposed Has a Mystery Announcement to Make

  • Xposed will now make an announcement at 9.30pm EST on March 12
  • Fans were concerned when he exited a stream abrupty after getting a text
  • He has confirmed he is in good health and the announcement is not bad news
Kick gambling streamer Xposed has an announcement to make.

Canadian gambling streamer Xposed, otherwise known as Cody Burnett, has a mysterious announcement to make. On Sunday, the Kick star left his followers guessing when he confirmed he would reveal something important on March 11 at 9.30pm EST:

That time has now been and gone, but Xposed appears to have pushed it back until the the night of March 12.

Notably, Xposed was live on stream on the weekend when he appeared to check a text message on his phone. Appearing visibly emotional, he then abruptly excused himself from the stream, declaring “I gotta go, alright,” before removing his headphones and logging off.

The strange exit left fans speculating that perhaps Xposed received some bad news, although his latest post on Monday night appears to directly dispel this rumor.

the news I got is not bad news to me”

“I am in good health everybody is good healthy the news I got is not bad news to me,” Burnett shared on X. “I got a surprising text message that led to some things and well, I’ll share that with you tomorrow as I am not able to tell you or talk about it today.”  

Xposed joined streaming platform Kick in 2022, along with big names such as Trainwreck and Roshtein. He joined the Stake-backed platform after Twitch banned unregulated casino gambling content.

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