John Fury Wants His £200,000 Bet Winnings From KSI

  • John Fury is demanding £200,000 ($242,353) from KSI after he lost to Tommy Fury
  • KSI and John Fury made the wager on an Adin Ross stream in the build-up to the fight
  • The pair locked horns many times before the fight, including a spitting incident
John Fury
John Fury has called out KSI on social media, demanding he pay out on a high-stakes bet. [Image: John Fury Twitter]

John Fury, the father of professional boxers Tyson and Tommy Fury, has called out YouTuber KSI over a £200,000 ($242,353) bet. Fury claims KSI owes him the cash for a wager they made on his fight with Tommy Fury, which the latter won by unanimous decision on Saturday.

John Fury posted a video to X in which he demanded payment, urging KSI to “be a man and pay your bets:”

The “podcast” in which John Fury suggests they made the bet was in fact Adin Ross’s stream. The pair met virtually during Ross’s stream on Kick to discuss the upcoming fight. KSI initially wanted John Fury to agree to allow him to slap him in the face if he won the fight. Fury rejected this offer and counteroffered the £200,000 wager. Both men agreed to the wager on stream.

John Fury tried to punch through a Perspex glass screen to get to KSI

John Fury and KSI locked horns several times in the build-up to Saturday’s fight, perhaps even more so than the two actual boxing opponents. During the face-off, an enraged John Fury tried to punch through a Perspex glass screen to get to KSI on the other side. On another occasion, KSI spat at John Fury from a balcony after the 59-year-old threw a bottle of water at him.

KSI has called for a rematch of his fight with Tommy Fury, pointing to a controversial judging error. One of the judges incorrectly scored Fury 57-57, but later corrected this to 56-57 in Fury’s favor, meaning he actually won by unanimous decision.

Meanwhile, Dillon Dannis lost to Logan Paul on the same card. This week, Dannis offered $2,000 to anyone who liked his post if Jake Paul knocked him out in a future fight.

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