Dillon Danis Offers $2,000 to Everyone Who Likes His Post if Jake Paul Knocks Him Out

  • Danis lost to Logan Paul in a boxing match on Saturday via disqualification
  • He issued a challenge to Jake Paul after Paul criticized his boxing skills
  • The event on Saturday night garnered huge attention from a global audience  
Jake Paul knocking out an opponent
Dillon Danis has challenged Jake Paul to a fight, promising to retire and give everyone who liked his social media post $2,000 if he gets knocked out. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

A call-out

Despite losing to YouTube star Logan Paul in a boxing match, the Dillon Danis has now called out his opponent’s brother, Jake Paul. Danis took to X (formerly Twitter) to propose a bout, offering to retire and give everyone who likes the post $2,000 if Jake Paul knocks him out:

The New Jersey native lost via disqualification in the co-main event on Saturday night during the Misfits Boxing Prime Card in the fight that preceded Tommy Fury and KSI’s bout. In the lead-up to the event involving Danis and the elder Paul brother, the two let fly a huge amount of trash talk on social media. A lot of it got nasty, as Danis said some awful things about Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal, to the point that Agdal getting a restraining order against him.

Not a close contest

The fight itself saw Paul going hard for a big knock-out, with Danis barely even managing to land a punch during the six rounds. In the final seconds of the bout, a complete brawl broke out and Danis was disqualified for attempting to put his opponent in a guillotine choke. Paul had done enough by that stage to win on points.

A brawl also broke out in the ring following the Saturday night fight, with members of both fighters’ entourages getting involved in the scuffle.

Jake Paul was in attendance on Saturday night and took to social media to say that Danis “talked so much s**t and is one of the worst fighters I’ve ever seen,” which is what led to Danis issuing a challenge to the younger Paul brother. He is still awaiting a response.

Garnering plenty of attention

Celebrity boxing has taken off in recent years. The event on Saturday was reportedly on track for record-breaking viewers; pay-per-view purchases cost $54.99. One of the interested watchers was superstar rapper Drake.

bet $850,000 on Logan Paul to win the fight by knockout

The Canadian native bet $850,000 on Logan Paul to win the fight by knockout, which would have netted him $1.3m. Danis’ disqualification means that Drake walked away empty-handed, and he already had a reputation for having bad luck as many of his big-money bets have been losers. He has a partnership with online gambling platform Stake, where he has lost $8.5m during a sponsored gambling live stream.

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