“Flirty” Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady Drop $4m at Jay Z Casino Event Auction

  • TMZ described Brady-Kardashian bidding tussle exchange as “flirty”
  • Jay-Z’s fundraiser at Ocean Casino Resort was a major success
  • Fanatics CEO Rubin said Brady and Kardashian were “just friends”
Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady
Tom Brady (pictured right) and Kim Kardashian (left) grabbed the headlines at Jay-Z’s star-studded fundraiser at Ocean Casino Resort. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Expensive tussle

Jay Z’s Blackjack Fundraiser in Atlantic City has fuelled rumors of the brewing chemistry between Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian after the pair engaged in a “flirty” bidding war that ended up costing them $2m each.

they vied for a George Condo painting

X user @iconikperformer posted a video on the platform of Kardashian and Brady’s exchange Saturday as they vied for a George Condo painting:

As reported by TMZ, the behavior that witnesses labeled “flirty” peaked when both stars bid $2m on the Condo piece. While the auctioneer ultimately awarded the art to Brady, Condo has agreed to make a separate piece for Kardashian.

Jay-Z event a hit

The auction was a highlight of the successful weekend fundraiser at Ocean Casino Resort in aid of Jay Z’s REFORM Alliance organization, co-hosted by Meek Mill and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin. Other stars such as Kevin Hart, Matthew McConaughey, Gayle King, Alex Rodriguez, Lil Kim and more graced the event.

According to ET Online, the event raised $24m towards the Alliance’s goal of changing parole and probation laws in the US.

Brady’s Bucs jersey ended up going for $1.2m

While Brady might have gained a Condo collectible for $2m, the New England Patriots legend also gave up a jersey he wore, still unwashed, from when he threw his 700th NFL touchdown for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady’s Bucs jersey ended up going for $1.2m.

Under the spotlight

A Michael Rubin event is where the Brady/Kardashian flirting rumors first surfaced, with the ex-quarterback and socialite spotted chatting and being friendly at a Rubin event in July.

The Fanatics CEO downplayed any rumors as “crazy” at the time, telling ET that Kardashian had downed “10 or 12 shots” and that Brady who “doesn’t go out that much” was simply “being fun.”

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