Nottingham Forest’s Harry Toffolo Gets Five-Month Suspended Ban for 375 Betting Breaches

  • The defender has to pay a £20,956 ($26,188) fine for his transgressions
  • He has only played one competitive match since the investigation began in July
  • Toffolo got a lesser punishment than Brentford striker Ivan Toney’s eight-month ban
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Nottingham Forest defender Harry Toffolo has received a five-month suspended sentence from the FA over 375 betting-related rule breaches. [Image:]

No immediate ban

Nottingham Forest player Harry Toffolo has received a suspended five-month ban for betting-related offenses after admitting to 375 breaches of the English Football Association (FA) wagering rules. The suspended ban will be in place until the close of the 2024-2025 season; the punishment will go into effect if he has any further betting-related transgressions.

has not explained the exact reasoning behind handing down a suspended sentence

The FA has not explained the exact reasoning behind handing down a suspended sentence, with the written decision to be “published in due course.” It was an independent Regulatory Commission that decided on the sanctions after holding a hearing.

Toffolo broke rules that prevent players from betting or giving information to people who can then use what they learned to place wagers. The defender has to pay a £20,956 ($26,188) fine for the offenses that took place between January 2014 and March 2017.

Sparse playing time

Toffolo was not a part of Nottingham Forest at the time of this activity. He was a Norwich City player and also spent time out on loan at numerous clubs. The FA investigation became public knowledge in July and he has only played a single time so far this current season, an appearance off the bench during a Carabao Cup defeat to Burnley.

Toffolo’s team did not comment on the suspended sentence

Toffolo played 21 times for Forest last season after moving to the club for Huddersfield. Toffolo’s team did not comment on the suspended sentence, but it did support him when the news of the investigation first came to light.

Getting off lighter

While Toffolo has gotten off with a suspended ban, other players have not been so lucky. Most notably, Brentford striker Ivan Toney is currently serving an eight-month ban for 232 betting breaches. He won’t be able to put on his team’s jersey again in January.

The relationship between soccer teams and betting companies is a controversial one, with a ban on front-of-shirt gambling sponsors set to come into place before the 2026-2027 English Premier League season.

Many soccer fans took to social media to question why Toney got a harsher punishment despite committing fewer breaches. The specifics of the Toffolo case are still unclear, but Toney received a significant sentence partly due to betting on his own team losing games. He was not in the match-day squad on any of these occasions and the FA found no evidence that he influenced his team to lose.

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