NFL Betting Survey Shows 45% Of Bettors Have Bet More Than They Could Afford to Lose

  • 40% of the respondents have used responsible gambling tools
  • DraftKings is the preferred sportsbook of choice for NFL bettors
  • AGA estimates that 73 million Americans will bet on games this season
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A new survey looking at NFL bettors found that 45% of respondents have bet more than they could afford to lose. [Image:]

Responsible gambling insights

A new NFL betting survey showed that 45% of respondents admitted to having bet more than they can afford to lose. 92% of people were aware of responsible gambling tools that are available to help restrict their gambling, with 40% of them utilizing one of these types of limits or tools.

only 5% betting more than $500 in one go

Budgeting their wagering during the season is something that 81% of these individuals aim to do. Over one-third of bettors typically place between $11 and $50 on a wager, with only 5% betting more than $500 in one go.

NFL bettors not showing marketing fatigue

In addition to looking at the betting behavior of respondents, the survey also looked at their preferences for certain types of platforms and marketing messages. DraftKings was the most popular option for NFL bettors with 23% of respondents picking it as their go-to option, followed by 13% who go for FanDuel. Ease of use is the most important thing they look for in an offering, with free bets also an important factor for almost half of the respondents.

Global software and marketing company Optimove surveyed people who bet on NFL pre-season games during the month of August. These 287 individuals are US citizens, have household incomes of at least $75,000, and are 21 or older.

Despite sportsbooks spending massive sums on marketing, the survey suggests that bettors still don’t have too much fatigue from advertising. 37% of NFL bettors would prefer to receive fewer marketing messages, which is significantly less than the 66% of general merchandise online shoppers.

A massive amount of attention

The NFL is always a lucrative betting market for sportsbook operators in the US. The American Gaming Association (AGA) stated this week that it believes more than 73 million Americans will bet on games during the 2023 season. This would be a new record and an increase of almost 60% from last season.

More and more people are now living in states with legal sportsbooks and online wagering platforms have become a very popular way for people to place wagers. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are the two teams garnering the most interest when it comes to which team bettors believe will win the Super Bowl.

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