In Touch Games Has License Suspended After Years of Fines

  • The license of In Touch Games Limited is suspended pending a regulatory investigation
  • Players can still access and withdraw their funds from the affected sites
  • The Gaming Commission cites failures of transparency, reporting, and AML practices
  • In Touch Games has received three fines totaling £11.8m in the last five years
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The UK Gambling Commission has suspended the license of In Touch Games for repeated regulatory failings. [Image:]

Gambling Commission announces suspension

The UK Gambling Commission announced a suspension of In Touch Games Limited’s gaming license on Friday. The suspension will remain in effect while the commission conducts a review under section 116 of the Gambling Act 2005.

While the investigation is underway, players can still withdraw money from the sites operated by In Touch Games. However, users of these sites will be unable to make deposits, play games, or place wagers while the licenses are suspended.

The sites affected by the suspension include:


What is the commission investigating?

The commission states that the investigation was triggered by “concerns” over possible violations of the Gambling Act and that In Touch Games “may be unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities.”

money laundering, “fair and transparent” terms and practices, and reporting failures

More specifically, the Gambling Commission says that “it is suspected” that the regulatory breaches relate to money laundering, “fair and transparent” terms and practices, and reporting failures.

This is not the first time that the Gambling Commission has taken In Touch Games to task for similar breaches.

Quite the history

In Touch Games has had trouble in two of these areas multiple times before, amassing £11,800,000 ($14,804,000) in fines over the course of five years.

In 2019, the company paid a settlement of £2,200,000 ($2,760,000) over “business failings” that included weak anti-money laundering practices and failures to keep consumers “safe from gambling harm.”

The company found itself in trouble again in 2021, paying out £3,400,000 ($4,266,000) for an eight-bullet point list that once again covered AML, social responsibility, and “fair and transparent terms and practices” failures.

The Gambling Commission charged the Company another £6,100,000 ($7,653,000).

In Touch Games was then fined for a third time in January of this year. The Gambling Commission charged the Company another £6,100,000 ($7,653,000). Once again, In Touch Games’ trespasses fell into those three familiar areas: failures of AML, social responsibilities, and fair and transparent terms and practices.

Thus, it is no surprise that this month’s announcement cites two of those areas in its list of breaches. Perhaps the fourth time will be the charm.

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