UKGC Hits In Touch Games With £6.1m Fine, Bringing Operator’s Bill to £11.7m Since 2019

  • The UKGC has fined In Touch Games £6.1m ($7.5m) for failing a compliance assessment in March
  • The firm had failings in both social responsibility and anti-money laundering procedures
  • In Touch Games paid a £2.2m ($2.7m) UKGC settlement in 2019 and a £3.4m ($4.2m) fine in 2021
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In Touch Games has just received another fine from the UKGC, bringing its total bill to £11.7m ($14.4m) since 2019. [Image:]

In Touch Games is a repeat offender in the UK gambling market. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has made the operator cough up cash two times before, and it has just announced a new financial penalty totaling £6.1m ($7.5m).

In Touch Games operates 11 gambling websites, including,, and, among others. According to a UKGC release on Wednesday, the company has received a new penalty after failing a compliance assessment last March.

accepted a customer’s word that they earned £6,000 ($7,389) per month

Among its social responsibility failures, In Touch Games did not interact with a customer until seven weeks after they were flagged for erratic play patterns and extended playtime. The operator also accepted a customer’s word that they earned £6,000 ($7,389) per month without verification.

In regard to anti-money laundering, the firm did not have policies in place to address risk factors for politically exposed people, their close associates, or beneficiaries of life insurance policies.

In Touch Games paid a £2.2m ($2.7m) settlement in 2019 for regulatory failures and received a £3.4m ($4.2m) fine and warning for further failures two years later. That brings the operators total UKGC bill to £11.7m ($14.4m) as of Wednesday.

The record for highest single UKGC penalty still belongs to Entain, who paid a £17m ($20.9m) fine in August last year.

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