Tulane Staff Must Sign NDAs to Fight Sports Betting Influence

  • The move is considered preventative, not reactionary
  • Tulane had a gambling-related scandal in the 1980s 
  • Sports betting is legal in New Orleans, where Tulane is located
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Tulane University athletic staff must sign NDAs to prevent sports betting’s negative influence. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Tulane University is proactively seeking protections against the growing prevalence and influence of sports betting by requiring coaches and athletic staff to sign non-disclosure agreements, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

closely held for the protection of the athlete and the protection of the integrity of the game”

“There have been incidents around the country where the intersection of gambling and college athletics have come to the forefront,” said Tulane athletic director Troy Dannen. “There are two concerns. One is the gambling itself, and that becomes fairly self-explanatory… There’s information you hold that can also be used for gambling purposes, and that information needs to stay closely held for the protection of the athlete and the protection of the integrity of the game.”

Tulane officials were informed Monday that “confidential information,” including financial, education, or medical records, may not be used to help win bets or shared with persons associated with sports betting. Staff members who become aware of unauthorized release are required to report the incident.

The decision was made preemptively, not in response to an issue at the university.

There have, however, been incidents in which coaches shared information with others outside of the program. The chief example was Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon informing a friend that he was scratching his star pitcher from a matchup against LSU, which led to the friend placing large wagers in favor of the Tigers. LSU won 8-6, and Bohannon was later fired.

Tulane has dealt with gambling scandals before. In 1985, its basketball team was accused of point-shaving and was forced to fold for two years. 

A college administrator also said that coaches were asked for sensitive information via email several times last season.

Tulane is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sports betting is legal in Louisiana (in certain parishes), and the school is partnered with betting integrity firm U.S. Integrity.

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