Alabama Baseball Scandal Culprit Told BetMGM Staff He Had Inside Info, Say Sources

  • Wanting to place a $100,000+ bet, Neff told BetMGM staff he had inside information
  • Enlarged footage revealed texts between Neff and ex-Alabama coach Bohannon
  • Sources confirmed that the NCAA is investigating Xavier, another Neff-linked school
University of Alabama
Youth-league coach Bert Neff told BetMGM staff he had inside information on Alabama v LSU and was filmed texting with now fired coach Bohannon. [Image:]

Sports Illustrated has shared further detail and insight into the University of Alabama baseball betting scandal, citing sources close to the investigation.

According to SI, youth-league coach Bert Eugene Neff Jr. walked into a Cincinnati BetMGM in late April hoping to place $100,000+ on Alabama vs Louisiana State University. When the sportsbook refused the bet, the ex-college pitcher from Indiana got antsy with BetMGM staff.

Neff indicated that he had inside information, namely from now-fired Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon, that an untested pitcher was replacing the Tigers’ ace starter. Enlarged video surveillance footage of the incident actually revealed Neff and Bohannon’s text conversation. The sources stated:

It couldn’t have been any more reckless.”

It doesn’t end there. Neff’s son is a pitcher at the University of Cincinnati, which in May fired its baseball team’s assistant coach and director of operations following “an internal review of potential NCAA infractions.”

The sources also revealed that the NCAA has started an inquiry at another Cincinnati college, Xavier. Xavier spokesman Tom Eiser supposedly confirmed that the college baseball coaches are familiar with Neff.

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