Casino Crime: Drugs Binge Preceded Vegas Hostage Case, Murder Charge for Illegal Casino Owner in California

  • Hostage-taker Mannix agreed to plead guilty to reduced charges
  • He and his woman hostage allegedly binged on drugs for days in Vegas
  • Lucifer Darnell Pierce faces 50 years to life in jail after a murder rap
  • The internet casino owner killed his partner in crime over supposed theft
US police scene
The Caesars Palace hostage case has taken a drugs-binge twist, while a California jury convicted the co-owner of an illegal online casino of murder. [Image:]

A whiff of methamphetamine has allegedly entered the Caesars Palace hostage case in Las Vegas where the suspect has agreed to plead guilty. Meanwhile, in California, a jury has handed out a murder charge to a convicted felon who killed his partner in an illegal casino business

While both crimes are hinky enough, the Caesars Palace hostage case took a further twist Monday. Suspect Matthew Mannix agreed to plead guilty to reduced charges, and it also emerged Mannix and the unnamed woman hostage had allegedly been on drugs for days before the hostage situation.

he will pay $55,292 in restitution to Caesars.

After smoking “a small amount of meth” in the 21st-floor high-rise tower room, Mannix broke a window and started throwing furniture out, causing panic on the Strip last month. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department locked down the area in response. Mannix’s lawyer stated he will pay $55,292 in restitution to Caesars.

Over in California, prospects are far bleaker for Lucifer Darnell Pierce after a jury in Bakersfield found him guilty of the first-degree murder of Mubarek Alnajar. The convicted felon believed business partner Alnajar was stealing profits from their illegal internet casino business. He shot him dead in 2021.

Pierce faces 50 years to life in prison.

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