Fulham Cashing in Before EPL Front-of-Shirt Ban, Announces Record Sponsorship Deal With SBOTOP

  • The one-year deal will give SBOTOP access to in-stadium advertising
  • The new kit will be ready in time for the team’s pre-season tour next month
  • EPL teams can’t showcase front-of-shirt gambling sponsors from the 2026-2027 season
Fulham FC's stadium
Fulham FC has announced a record-breaking new front-of-shirt gambling sponsorship agreement with SBOTOP. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Fulham Football Club has announced a new sponsorship deal with sports betting operator SBOTOP which will see the company become the English Premier League (EPL) team’s front-of-shirt jersey sponsor for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. SBOTOP’s logo will also appear on training kit sleeves.

The club remarked that this is a record sponsorship deal (though financial terms were not revealed) and the new gear will be ready for the pre-season tour next month. SBOTOP will also get access to advertising opportunities in the club’s stadium.

Speaking about the agreement, Fulham FC Commercial Director Jon Don-Carolis said that the new relationship “plays an integral part in keeping the Club competitive through significant revenue, and we look forward to celebrating continued success in 2023/24.”

will no longer be able to showcase gambling companies in this way from the 2026-2027 season

The front-of-shirt agreement is initially a one-year deal; EPL teams will no longer be able to showcase gambling companies in this way from the 2026-2027 season. Clubs agreed in April to voluntarily move away from front-of-shirt gambling ads amid pressure from anti-gambling advocates. They will still be able to have gambling company logos on their sleeves when the ban comes into place and it doesn’t apply to teams in the lower tiers of English soccer.

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