Lex Veldhuis Dubs Kick “Toxic as F**k,” Calls Main Streamers “Knuckleheads”

  • Veldhuis said Stake “does all the wrong things” and he won’t join Kick unless it makes changes
  • Despite streamers like Ninja flocking to Kick, Veldhuis said the platform was toxic
  • Veldhuis said he wants nothing to do with Kick’s main streamers he called “knuckleheads”
Lex Veldhuis
Poker streamer Lex Veldhuis has spoken out on why he won’t join Kick, calling the platform toxic and the leading streamers “knuckleheads.” [Image: Flickr.com / World Poker Tour]

Lex “LexVeldhuis” Veldhuis might be the reigning king of poker streamers, but that didn’t stop the Netherlands native from using a more common tongue to express his dislike for the Stake-owned livestreaming channel, Kick.

Many people supposedly asked Veldhuis why he wasn’t streaming on Kick, a valid question given the Dutchman’s own ditching of rival Twitch in November. Veldhuis said he won’t join Kick “unless something significant changes over there.”

a gambling platform that does all the wrong things”

Veldhuis didn’t mince his words about what he thinks needs to change. He started by saying Kick’s parent Stake was “a gambling platform that does all the wrong things.” He added: “Kick is toxic af.”

It doesn’t sound like Veldhuis is going to be working with the likes of Twitch-to-Kick switchers such as Ninja, Trainwreck, Roshtein, Xposed, or Adin Ross.

In his tweet, Veldhuis branded the main streamers on Kick “knuckleheads” he wants “nothing to do with.”

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