Ninja, Twitch’s Most-Followed Streamer, Joins Kick After Blasting Multi-Platform Ban

  • Twitch banned multi-platform streaming earlier this week in a controversial move
  • Ninja, a Twitch streamer with 18.5 million followers, is now creating content on Kick
  • He made clear he does not make money on Twitch and needs to stream elsewhere
Ninja is now streaming on Kick following a ban on multi-platform streaming by Twitch.

Twitch may have just well and truly shot itself in the foot. Earlier this week, the streaming giant announced new rules including limits to advertising and a ban on multi-platform streaming. Despite implementing the measures to keep its best creators from streaming elsewhere, the firm has actually pushed its most popular one out of the door.

On Friday, American streamer Ninja announced that he was live on Kick and YouTube, a move that prompted Stake-backed Kick to declare that the GOAT had arrived on the platform:

Ninja is by far the most popular streamer on Twitch with 18.5 million followers. He made clear earlier this week that he disagrees with Twitch’s ban on multi-streaming for all users. “I’m not partnered with Twitch,” the streamer explained on stream. “I don’t make money there, so what am I gonna choose? Am I gonna choose to stream on YouTube, TikTok, Kick, or am I gonna only stream to Twitch and make no money?”

Ninja’s account is currently still active on Twitch

Ninja has now made his answer to that question abundantly clear. Notably, Twitch backtracked on some of its ad-focused rules after experiencing a fierce backlash from streamers this week. However, the firm has not released any revised guidelines in regard to the multi-streaming ban. Ninja’s account is currently still active on Twitch.

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