Tom Brady Warns NFL Players That Betting Could End Their Careers

  • Brady filmed an introduction to the NFL’s gambling policy education video
  • He said betting on games hurts the league’s integrity and reputation of teams
  • A number of NFL players have received suspensions recently for gambling
Tom Brady
Tom Brady has filmed the introduction of an educational video that players will see relating to the league’s gambling policy. [Image:]

Following a series of betting scandals, the NFL has enlisted the help of league legend Tom Brady to educate players about its gambling policy.

According to NBC Sports, the seven-time Super Bowl winner has filmed an introduction to a video that every league player will see. He reportedly comments on his love for the sport within the video, affirming that playing in the league was a privilege.

damages the reputation of everyone on a team

Brady goes on to talk about players that place bets on NFL teams and explains how it hurts the league’s integrity while damaging an entire teams reputation, not just that of the offending player. He also highlights how hard people work to make it to the NFL, warning that they can throw it all away by violating gambling policy.

A number of NFL players have recently found themselves in hot water for their betting activity. Some of them received indefinite suspensions for betting on NFL games, while others were hit with six-game bans after they bet on other types of events while in a team facility.

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