Roshtein to Lower the Stakes After Taking Break From Gambling

  • Roshtein recently took a break from streaming and gambling for his mental health
  • The Swedish streamer plans to return this week but with “lower bets” than usual 
  • Xposed, who also recently took a gambling break, has expressed his support
Roshtein (pictured) has decided to lower the stakes of his gambling after taking a break from streaming and social media.

Kick streamer Roshtein has made a name for himself through his high-stakes online slots antics, at times wagering upwards of $1,000 per spin. However, after taking a short break from gambling, streaming, and social media, the content creator has now decided to lower the stakes – for the time being at least.

Need to clear my mind and rebalance”

Roshtein, real name Ismael Swartz, took to Twitter at the end of April to confirm that he had decided to take a break from gambling due to his losses. “Need to clear my mind and rebalance,” the Swedish streamer wrote. On Sunday, Roshtein confirmed his return would come over the next week but with “lower bets:”

It is unclear when exactly the streamer intends to make his return this week, but he has indicated that the break did do him some good. In a post last week, Roshtein deemed the time away from gambling and social media the “best decision I made.” Despite this, he acknowledged that he missed streaming, adding: “That’s the only thing that has meant anything to me and probably will for the rest of my life.”

Roshtein’s fellow high-stakes gambler Xposed was quick to offer his input. The Canadian streamer also recently spent some time away from gambling for his mental health, and commented on Roshtein’s post that he felt equally rejuvenated during his break. Both he and Roshtein transitioned to Kick at the same time last year after Twitch banned unregulated casino gambling.

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