Gambling Streamer Xposed Buys $20,000 Worth of Maple Leafs Playoff Tickets for Fans

  • The Leafs are now against the Florida Panthers in the second round of the playoffs
  • Xposed bought $20,000 worth of the $517-face-value tickets for Tuesday’s game
  • Gambler Cody Burnett said he just wants to be remembered for his generosity
Toronto Maple Leafs fans
Gambling streamer Xposed has purchased $20,000 worth of tickets for Toronto Maple Leafs fans as they attempt to make their way through the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. [Image:]

The Toronto Maple Leafs have made it into the Stanley Cup Playoffs for 2023 and clinched their first playoff series victory in 19 years over the weekend. The NHL team will now play the Florida Panthers in round two, a round that began with a loss on Tuesday in Toronto. However, gambling streamer Xposed made sure there were plenty of fans in attendance.

Xposed, real name Cody Burnett, paid for the tickets of fans who were otherwise unable to afford them. He took to Twitter on Monday to respond to a Leafs follower going by the name DartGuy who said he didn’t have the cash for the $517 face value cost:

DartGuy later confirmed that Xposed had followed through on his offer, thanking him for his “unbelievable act of kindness and generosity.” Burnett didn’t stop there either, the 26-year-old streamer spent $20,000+ on tickets for Leafs fans who wanted to make it to the big game.

I just want to be remembered as someone who is so giving. ”

Speaking with The Hockey News this week, Xposed explained the reason for the generosity. “This all just comes from me being in a really great spot and trying to make people’s day,” the Canadian said. “Life is short, I just want to be remembered as someone who is so giving. That’s kind of what my goal is here.”

Xposed transitioned to the Kick streaming platform last year after Twitch banned unregulated casino gambling. He regularly wagers millions of dollars on online slots, sometimes securing huge wins. For instance, last month he bagged his biggest ever raw cash pay day, earning himself $1.85m from just one $200 bet.

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