Adin Ross Retracts YouTube Copyright Claims After HasanAbi Threatens Suit

  • Ross boasted that he got $8,000 in revenue after copyright striking a YouTube channel
  • HasanAbi was infuriated and offered to help fund legal action against the Kick streamer
  • Ross retracted the strikes after the threats of legal action
YouTube copyright claim notice
Adin Ross retracted his controversial copyright claims against a YouTube channel after HasanAbi threatened legal action. [Image:]

Adin Ross retracted his copyright claims against a smaller YouTube channel following threats of a lawsuit. Ross is a controversial Kick streamer who boasted on Monday that he got $8,000 in ad revenue after copyright striking the channel. The Florida native didn’t like what the YouTube user Internet Anarchist had to say about two other creators.

HasanAbi lambasted Ross for his actions

Popular Twitch personality HasanAbi was infuriated by the strikes. Speaking about the matter on a live stream, he committed to helping to pay for legal action against Ross, which led to the withdrawal of the copyright claims. Upon hearing the news, HasanAbi lambasted Ross for his actions, calling the 22-year-old a “b**ch” and emphasizing his belief that people who falsely strike videos should face repercussions.

Content creators on YouTube have the ability to file a strike against videos if they appear to violate copyright rules.

The two content creators have a history of butting heads. HasanAbi has issues with Ross’ content, believing that it’s not suitable for the young audience who view the streams. Ross questioned HasanAbi’s motivations for streaming, claiming that he was only in it for the money.

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