HasanAbi Hits Back at Adin Ross for Streaming for Money

  • Adin Ross and HasanAbi are two very popular streamers
  • The pair have had many disagreements over various issues
  • Ross was permanently banned from Twitch earlier this year and moved to Kick
  • Ross claimed that both he and HasanAbi are streaming for money
Red and blue heads yelling at each other with bullets spewing from their mouths
Streamers HasanAbi and Adin Ross are at each other’s throats for a variety of reasons, including their motivations for streaming and associations with sponsors. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

HasanAbi and Adin Ross back-and-forth

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker lashed out at Kick streamer Adin Ross after the latter suggested he was just in streaming for the money. 

u only care about the money w[ith] [yo]ur crypto scams & gambling sponsors

“Go look at my hours & compare em to yours,” Piker tweeted in a response thread to a clip of Ross posted by DramaAlert, a YouTube and streaming news aggregation account. “Hard to understand for you since u only care about the money w[ith] [yo]ur crypto scams & gambling sponsors.”

Piker and Ross have had their share of disagreements in the past over a variety of issues. The two had been calm for recent months, during which Ross left Twitch for new streaming outlet Kick, but they are at each other’s throats once again.

History of disagreement

Piker is a self-proclaimed “political commentator irl (in real life)” that hosts “just chatting” streams where he discusses ongoing events, watches and reacts to videos, and streams his day-to-day activities, which most recently was him adopting a new dog. 

Ross, who is now banned from Twitch for violating its terms and conditions, also did a lot of “just chatting” streams before leaving for Kick on February 23. His content, however, can be more raunchy and offensive, like when he recently showed pornographic material to his viewers.

Piker has long taken exception to Ross’ content, much of which was aimed at underage crowds. The former called the streams, broadcast to over 7.2m followers, “problematic” and said that Ross was headed down a “bad path.”

Piker doubled down on March 18 by saying that Ross was “doing everything he can to just maintain relevance” after signing an exclusive deal with Kick, where he has just under 164,000 followers. 

I’m set for life after this year, I don’t care.”

“I don’t need money,” Ross replied in a reaction to Piker’s claims. “I’m set for life after this year, I don’t care.”

Ross also accused Piker of getting into streaming for money, the same reason that he accepted Kick’s deal and abandoned his Twitch following, which prompted Piker’s scathing response. 

“It’s all about the money,” said Ross. “You’re not doing this s*** for relevance either, Hasan, you’re doing this s*** for money too.” 


Denying accusations

On Sunday afternoon, Piker responded to Ross’ claims that he was also in it for the money. He stated that his values haven’t changed since he gained a large following and also accused Ross of being of poor character.

i’ve been fighting for the same values consistently for nearly a decade now”

“Bro really said he’s authentically awful actually. I was hoping it was an act tbh,” Piker tweeted. “as far as my statements, i’ve been fighting for the same values consistently for nearly a decade now.”

As further proof that he isn’t in streaming for the money, Piker revealed that he quit working for The Young Turks (a progressive news commentary channel on YouTube) because they wanted him to stop streaming. 

The gambling criticism was a shot at Ross’ deal with Stake, a crypto-based gambling platform that has capitalized on the popularity of figures such as Drake, Israel Adesanya, Ross, and others. Gambling streams became such a hot topic that in October 2022, Twitch banned streaming of online casinos that are unregulated in the US, specifically targeting Stake and other crypto casinos. 

There is no end in sight for the ongoing feud between Piker and Ross. Their fans have encouraged them to confront one another on stream, as many bickering online figures have in the past, though the two have shown no inclination to make that happen.

Neither has made any comment on the situation since Sunday afternoon.

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