Jnandez “Provides Receipts” in Feud With Doug Polk

  • Polk and Charlie Carrell had been arguing online about Upswing Poker’s legal battles
  • Fernando “Jnandez” Habegger struck back point by point against Polk’s claims
  • Habegger provides details from his multiple court cases with Upswing and Polk
Pile of receipts
Fernando “Jnandez” Habegger has posted details of his legal battle with Doug Poker and Upswing Poker. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

The drama continues

Charlie Carrel opened a can of worms when he went after Doug Polk last week. After he attacked Polk over the Matt Berkey feud, Polk took the bait, responding to Carrel’s attention grab and asking him to name “one lie.” Polk triggered a Streisand effect.

claimed that Upswing and Habegger went to court and Habegger took Upswing to the cleaners

Carrel then released a video alleging that Polk and his company, Upswing Poker, mistreated one of its coaches, Fernando “Jnandez” Habegger. He also claimed that Upswing and Habegger went to court and Habegger took Upswing to the cleaners.

Polk’s detailed response to Carrel’s allegations denied many of the accusations and claimed partial victory in the courts.

This rubbed Habegger the wrong way, at which point he entered the fray:

Habegger strikes back

Habegger promised receipts in “the next 72 hours” and so far, he has delivered.

Over the course of three long Twitter threads, Habegger addressed Polk’s claims line by line, frequently backing up his statements with screen caps from the court cases, conversations, emails, and forums.

You can tell Habegger spent some time dealing with this issue.

The first of Habegger’s threads addresses the initial arbitration case. The second tackles each of Polk’s recent claims about Habegger, made in response to Carrel’s video. The third addresses Habegger’s defamation counterclaim against Polk.

The story according to Habegger is that after he quit Upswing, he and the company went to arbitration over a pay dispute. Upswing made a series of claims which were thrown out and was forced to pay $17,389.37 in “contract damages” plus legal fees totaling $150,215.50.

The counterclaim

Habegger then took Upswing to court over defamation, though he lost.

In his third thread, Habegger lays out what his defamation case was, detailing why “in [his] opinion, Upswing did spread lies and/or false characterizations.”

According to Habegger, these include Polk calling an unambiguous termination clause a “loophole” (it wasn’t), claiming that Habegger had a non-compete (he didn’t), and that he was a business partner (he was a freelancer).

Again, he provides screenshots and quotes.

Habegger ended the third thread with a promise that “all the lies wouldn’t fit in 50 tweets and we will have to continue another day.”

His responses have completely sidelined Carrel and, at the time of writing, Doug Polk has yet to respond to Habegger’s Twitter feed. As a result, we will have to wait and see what Polk and Upswing’s site of the story will be.

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