Charlie Carrell Claims to Reveal Detail About Doug Polk Lawsuit

  • Charlie Carrell accused Doug Polk of stealing from Fernando Habegger
  • The claims came as part of Carrell’s defense of Matt Berkey
  • According to Polk, Carrell has made numerous errors in his account
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Charlie Carrell has jumped into the feud between Doug Polk and Matt Berkey. [Image:]

Charlie Carrell inserted himself into the Doug Polk-Matt Berkey feud this week, alleging that Doug Polk “stole 6 figures from Jnandez.”

Carrell’s comments came after Polk tweeted about why he dislikes Berkey. Carrell retweet Polk, with the accusation that Polk “attacks people for years and lies about their business, personal lives, actions, and character.”

Polk asked for an example of one lie, and Carrell posted a video alleging that Fernando “Jnandez” Habegger took Polk to court because Polk paid him $1,200 instead of “the six figures he owes.”

Polk then added that “We did not steal a penny” and told Carrell: “You are talking about something you have no idea about.”

Polk explained that it was he who took Habegger to arbitration over the fees and abided by the arbitrator’s decision. According to Polk, the court case was a separate matter in which Upswing sued Habegger for breach of contract.

Habegger then counter-sued for defamation, but both of them lost their respective cases with Polk’s side having “to pay half [Habegger’s] legal fees.”

To settle the argument, Carrell has offered a “long form conversation” with Polk. Polk has not yet responded.

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