Trainwreck Bags $2.7m Slot Win While He Isn’t Even Looking

  • Trainwreck returned from a break to see the $2.7m win on a Hacksaw slot
  • He has secured multiple multimillion-dollar wins since moving to Kick
  • Niknam moved to Kick last year after Twitch banned unregulated casinos
Trainwreck win
Trainwreck just returned from a short on-stream break to see that he had won $2.7m on Wanted Dead or a Wild.

Arizonian slot streamer Trainwreck, real name Tyler Niknam, has secured a number of multimillion-dollar wins in the past by gambling thousands of dollars at a time on his streams. Now, he has just secured another of those major paydays, but this time he wasn’t even at his computer.

the stars aligned to secure the content creator a $2.7m payday

Trainwreck was playing the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot on his Kick stream over the weekend when he decided to take a short break from the computer. The reels continued to spin while he was away, and the stars aligned to secure the content creator a $2.7m payday.

After returning to the computer and seeing the numbers rack up, Trainwreck couldn’t believe the major win had occurred while he was away from keyboard (AFK). Speaking to his discord channel, he exclaimed: “We always joked when I’m AFK (away from keyboard)!”

Although it might be one of the strangest wins Trainwreck has secured on his new streaming site Kick, it’s certainly not the first. Over the past month, Niknam has won $2.1m and $2.8m on two separate occasions. The latter of those wins also came on the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot by Hacksaw Gaming.

Trainwreck made the move to Kick in December last year after Twitch introduced a ban on unregulated casino content. He is also joined by other major gambling streamers such as Roshtein and Xposed, as well as some controversial influencers such as Adin Ross and Heelmike.

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