AGA Releases Updated Sports Betting Advertising Standards

  • The AGA updated the standards in what is known as the “Code”
  • Colleges will be more limited in signing sportsbook partnerships
  • Sports betting companies can no longer use the term “risk-free"
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The AGA released a new set of standards for responsible gambling advertising, focusing on protecting college students and restricting certain language. [Image:]

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has updated its code of ethics for sports betting advertising, restricting certain language and adding protection for college students.

Changes were made to the Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering, also known as the “Code,” to further protect against many of the issues that have plagued Americans since sports betting and general gambling took off.

our intention to protect consumers and evolve our standards as this nascent market matures”

“Established in 2019, AGA’s Responsible Marketing Code reflects the commitment of our members to set and adhere to a high bar for responsible advertising,” said AGA President and CEO, Bill Miller in Tuesday’s press release. “Today’s updates advance that commitment and represent our intention to protect consumers and evolve our standards as this nascent market matures.”

The refinements to the Code are considered the most impactful since it was first written. This follows regulators in New York cracking down on online sports betting ads and others in Connecticut and Pennsylvania moving to limit how sports betting operators can market themselves.

As per the updates to the Code, colleges can no longer sign partnerships that promote or endorse sports betting in any way outside of alumni groups, unless the content pertains to the promotion and education of responsible gambling.

Individuals featured in sports betting ads must also be 21 or older, and references to “legal age” must say 21-plus. In addition, companies can no longer use the term “risk-free” during promotions. Annual conferences will be held to review and update the Code as necessary. 

The updates will go into immediate effect. Existing entities have a grace period until July 1 to comply with the new standards.

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