Kick Mobile App Launches as Trainwreck Teases Six High-Profile Mystery Signings

  • Twitter users greeted the Kick mobile app’s launch with open arms
  • Trainwreck said the six new Kick signings will leave Twitch “shook”
  • The Arizonian said small-mid size creators can “make a living for once”
Person pressing launch button
Kick’s mobile streaming app has launched amid much excitement and Trainwreck has added to the mood by teasing six high-profile new signings. [Image:]

Creators and fans of Kick are in a celebratory mood after the launch of the streaming platform’s mobile app. As correctly predicted by gambling streamer Trainwreck last week, the Stake-backed brand’s app went live over the weekend.

The Kick app launched Sunday, with sharing the news via Twitter:

Creators and fans expressed mostly excitement and optimism over the launch. Kick creator and streamer @LogiOnKick tweeted: “Big props to the dev team that worked tirelessly to get this done! Just amazing!”

Trainwreck — part of the development team that worked on the Kick mobile creator programme — added something extra to the launch buzz. The Arizonian took to Twitter in teaser campaign mode, hyping up six new Kick signings. When those content creators are revealed, Trainwreck claimed:

twitch and all of its puppet f*ck faces will be shook.”

Trainwreck, real name Tyler Niknam, is a figurehead in the mass migration of creators from Twitch to Kick. In the same Twitter sequence on Sunday, Trainwreck endorsed the Kick mobile app as “a natural environment for small-mid size creators to actually make a living for once.”

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